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Maintenance Techniques for Diesel Generator Sets

Sep. 12, 2023

What are the maintenance techniques you know for diesel generator sets? Firstly, daily maintenance techniques are required. Routine maintenance of diesel generator sets requires checking the water level and oil level once a day. Clean the external surface of the diesel generator set and the environment of the machine room once a day. Check the fuel level of the diesel tank before starting each time and keep it fully charged. In winter, it is necessary to ensure that the preheating device of the diesel generator set operates normally, so that it can operate normally when it is necessary to start the diesel generator set.

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Monthly maintenance skills require cleaning the outer surface of the diesel generator set. Check if the speed control lever is flexible and lubricate all connection points. Replace the cooling water, measure the pH value before and after the replacement (normal value is 7.5-9), and keep measurement records. If necessary, add medication (notify the water treatment worker to cooperate). Check the tension of the fan belt and charger belt, and adjust if necessary. Cooperate with the emergency power generation test for electrical work, check whether the readings, temperature, and loudness of each instrument during the operation of the diesel generator set are normal, and keep operation records.

Quarterly maintenance tips, diesel generator set quarterly maintenance content: Check the air flow resistance indicator, and clean the air filter when it shows red. Release diesel accumulated water and clean the grade diesel filter. It is necessary to pay attention to lubricating the fan pulley and belt tensioner bearing. Check the lubricating oil level of the overspeed mechanical protection device, and add oil if it is insufficient. Check the tightening of the main external connecting bolts.

Annual maintenance skills, annual maintenance requirements: Cooperate with electricians to carry out parallel load operation and check the operation condition. Cooperate with electricians to simulate and test the performance of various safety protection devices. Measure and inspect the axis, open the gear, and keep records. Remove the inspection cover and observe the condition of the shaft and cylinder barrel. Dose and clean the cooling system (notify the water treatment worker to cooperate). Check the quality of the engine oil and replace it if necessary. Clean the second stage diesel filter. Clean the engine oil filter.

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