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Maintenance Operation of Silent Generator Set Part 2

May. 30, 2022

Following the last article. To check the start solenoid valve: When the silent generator set is running, you can check the operation of the silent generator set by looking, listening, touching and smelling. By listening when starting, take the original silent generator set as an example, press the start button for three seconds to start. During the three-second start-up process, two clicks are normally audible. If only the first sound is heard and the second sound is not heard, it is necessary to check whether the start solenoid valve is working properly.

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Check the battery pack: The silent generator set is not often put into use on a daily basis. The normal start of the generator and the maintenance of the battery are the key determinants. When there is a problem with the battery pack, there will be a "voltage but no current" fault. When this happens, you can hear the suction sound of the solenoid valve in the starter motor, but the coupling shaft is not driven. There is a problem with the battery pack and it is impossible to stop the machine because the battery is insufficiently charged due to the method of stopping the charging of the battery during the test machine. At the same time, if the mechanical oil pump is driven by a belt, the pump oil volume at rated speed is large, but the battery pack power supply is insufficient, which will cause the spring plate in the shut-off valve to be blocked due to insufficient suction force of the solenoid valve during shutdown. The fuel sprayed out of the hole can not stop the machine. There is also a situation that may be overlooked. The domestic battery life is short, about two years. This will also happen if you forget to replace it regularly.

For fire safety, the diesel fuel tank is usually placed in a closed room. Due to the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere due to the change of temperature, it forms water droplets and hangs on the inner wall of the fuel tank and flows into the diesel oil, causing the diesel water content to exceed the standard. , Such diesel oil enters the high-pressure oil pump of the diesel engine, which will corrode the precision coupling part—the plunger, and seriously damage the quiet generator set. The generator lubricating oil has a shelf life. When stored for a long time, the physical and chemical properties of the lubricating oil will change, which will cause the lubricating state of the silent generator set to deteriorate and easily cause damage to the generator parts.

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