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Maintenance of V-belt for Diesel Generator Transmission Belt

Jan. 09, 2024

Many accessories such as diesel generator battery energy supplementation and air conditioning systems need to be driven by the transmission belt V. Therefore, the V-belt is crucial for diesel engines. The transmission belt is not in good condition, and diesel cannot work properly.

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1. Check the condition and tightness of the drive belt: Check that the drive belt is not damaged or peeled off. Before the transmission belt breaks, there will be a sliding and grinding sound, and the surface of the transmission belt will show signs of cracking, wear, and peeling. Therefore, careful observation should be made, and if the above phenomenon occurs, the drive belt should be replaced in a timely manner (note the difference: when the tension of the drive belt is not enough, there may also be a slipping sound). When checking the tightness of the fan drive belt, press the middle part of the drive belt with a force of 90-loON with your thumb, and the deflection should be 5-10mm. If it does not meet the requirements, adjustments should be made.

2. Adjusting the tightness of the V-belt: If the fan drive belt is too loose, it can cause insufficient charging and overheating of the diesel generator.

When adjusting the tightness of the fan drive belt, use the adjustment bolt to shift the entire AC generator inward or outward to adjust the tightness of the drive belt. After adjustment, the fixing bolts should be reliably tightened. Be careful not to tighten the drive belt too tightly, otherwise it may cause damage to the fan drive belt and bearings. During operation, attention should be paid to avoiding oil contamination of the transmission belt, otherwise it may cause slipping and shorten its service life.

3. Replacing the accessory V-belt: When there are signs of cracking, wear, and peeling on the surface of the drive belt, or when there is a slipping sound (except for loose slipping sound), it indicates that the drive belt may break. At this time, the drive belt should be replaced in a timely manner.

When replacing the transmission belt of a diesel generator, first loosen the fixing screws of the engine, move the engine towards the cylinder block to loosen the transmission belt, and then remove the transmission belt. If the drive belt is still difficult to remove after being loose, a screwdriver can be inserted between the drive belt pulley and the drive belt, and the drive belt can be pulled outward while turning the drive belt pulley. This way, the drive belt can be removed.

Before removing the transmission belt of the diesel generator, it is important to note the position of the belt during installation to prevent incorrect installation. When installing the drive belt, follow the reverse order of disassembly.

4. Check the installation status of the drive belt: Some diesel engines use a flat fan drive belt. When installing it on the drive pulley, the fit between the drive belt and the drive pulley should be checked. The flat drive belt should be well matched with the drive pulley, otherwise the service life of the drive belt will not be long.

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