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Maintenance of Silent Generator Cooling System

Aug. 22, 2022

Today we will briefly introduce the maintenance and maintenance of the cooling system of the silent generator.

super quiet generator

Addition of cooling water and antifreeze: When the quiet generator is working, the water level in the radiator will gradually decrease due to the continuous evaporation of the water in it. If it is much lower than the drain pipe, it should be supplemented with clean soft water. If it is hard water, it should be softened.

When the low noise generator is used in an ambient condition below 0°C, the cooling water should be strictly prevented from freezing, causing the related parts to freeze and crack. Therefore, the cooling water should be drained after the operation of the silent generator ends. For models with closed circulation cooling system, antifreeze coolant with appropriate freezing point can be used according to the local extremely low ambient temperature.

When using flammable antifreeze coolant, attention should be paid to fire safety because ethylene glycol, alcohol (ethanol), glycerin, etc. are all flammable products. Before using antifreeze coolant for super quiet generators, the dirt in the cooling system should be cleaned to prevent the formation of new chemical deposits, so as not to affect the cooling effect. For silent generators that use antifreeze coolant, it is not necessary to discharge the coolant every time it stops, but its composition needs to be replenished and checked regularly.

If there is too much dirt and dirt in the cooling system of the silent generator, it can be cleaned with cleaning fluid. The cleaning solution can be prepared from water, soda and water glass, that is, add 40g soda and 10g water glass per liter of water. When cleaning, pour the cleaning liquid into the cooling water cavity of the silent generator, start running until the outlet water temperature is greater than 60°C, continue to operate for about 2 hours and stop, and then release the cleaning liquid. After the silent generator cools down, rinse it twice with clean fresh water, drain it, and then pour it into cooling water to start running, so that the outlet water temperature reaches above 75°C, stop to drain the sewage, and then pour in new cooling water.

Softening of hard water: The cooling water used for silent generators should be clean soft water. Soft water refers to water with few minerals, such as rain water, snow water, etc. However, river water, lake water, well water and tap water are usually used. Before these waters have not been softened, they contain a large amount of minerals in addition to sediment and other impurities. This kind of water is usually called "hard water". . When hard water is heated in the cylinder, minerals form scale on the walls of the water jacket. The heat transfer ability of scale is very poor, and its thermal conductivity is 50 times lower than that of brass and 20-30 times lower than that of cast iron.

Therefore, the heat of the cylinder and cylinder head cannot be smoothly transferred to the cooling water, which will easily overheat the machine, even burn the lubricating oil, accelerate the wear of the cylinder and piston connecting rod group and other parts, thereby reducing the power of the silent generator . In addition, too much scale can block water pipes and cylinder water channels, making it difficult for cooling water to circulate. Therefore, river water, lake water, well water and tap water are generally softened before use.

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