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Maintenance of Grinding Wheel for Jichai Diesel Generator Set

Jun. 13, 2023

Bench grinder is mainly composed of grinding wheel, motor and machine body in the basic bench work equipment of Jichai diesel generator set maintenance. According to different shapes, grinders are divided into bench grinders and vertical grinders. The Bench grinder is mainly used for Jichai diesel generator set to grind various cutters and deburr small parts. When using the Bench grinder of Jichai diesel generator set, the safety operation regulations must be strictly followed.

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When using the Bench grinder of JICHAI diesel generator set, the rotation direction of the grinding wheel must be consistent with the rotation direction indicator, so that the grinding debris can fly down from the grinding wheel. After the Jichai diesel generator set is started, the grinding wheel speed should be stable before grinding. When grinding with a Bench grinder, it is necessary to prevent the cutting tool or grinding parts from causing severe impact or excessive pressure on the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking. If the surface of the grinding wheel is found to be running poorly during use, it should be repaired in a timely manner with a dresser. The distance between the grinding wheel holder and the grinding wheel should generally be kept within 3mm, otherwise it is easy to be rolled into the grinding part by the grinding wheel.

When using Jichai diesel generator set, the operator should not stand on the radial direction of the grinding wheel, but on the grinding wheel. There are many technical problems in the maintenance of lateral or oblique diesel generator sets. If they are not handled properly, they will lead to poor maintenance quality, poor equipment reliability, and even major equipment accidents. The correct use of grinding wheel in the assembly equipment of Jichai diesel generator set maintenance tools can effectively improve the efficiency of Jichai diesel generator set maintenance units.

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