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Maintenance of Diesel Generator Electronic Control System

Dec. 08, 2023

The diesel generator electronic control system uses the diesel engine speed and load as the basic signals reflecting the actual working conditions of the diesel engine. Based on factors such as water temperature, oil temperature, and atmospheric pressure, the optimal fuel injection quantity and timing are obtained, and the output is controlled through actuators.

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The maintenance requirements for the electronic control system of diesel generators are as follows:

1) General maintenance of the electronic control system. Unauthorized disassembly of electrical appliances and sockets connected to the ECU, oil pipes connected to the ECU cooler, and sensors connected to the ECU cooler is prohibited. When ECU malfunctions, it is necessary to contact the local maintenance service station in a timely manner, and unauthorized disassembly, repair, or replacement is prohibited.

2) Do not open the ECU cover plate, otherwise it may cause damage to the ECU. There are no repairable parts inside the ECU.

3) ECU should have good ventilation, be away from heat sources, and be strictly prohibited from covering to avoid long-term dust accumulation; Otherwise, it will affect the heat dissipation of the ECU.

4) ECU should avoid splashing mud and water, as well as sand and gravel impacts during driving; Avoid corrosive liquids coming into contact with the ECU and control wiring harness.

5) When using radio transmission equipment, it is important to stay away from the ECU. Vehicles may operate abnormally in areas with dense electromagnetic waves (such as near TV signal transmission towers), which is rare and can be resolved by staying away from that area.

6) When disassembling the wire connector, release or press the locking clip. When installing the wire connector, insert it to the bottom and lock it.

7) When conducting vehicle inspections, measures should be taken to prevent impacts, pulling, wear, scratches, water immersion, oil immersion, etc. on electronic components such as sensors, fuel injectors, and electromagnetic sensors. Do not hit or collide with related components of the common rail system.

8) It is prohibited to open the protective bellows of the wiring harness, and to prevent pulling, scratching, and excessive bending of the wiring harness. All illegal modifications to electrical circuits are also prohibited.

9) The common faults that occur in the use of electronically controlled diesel engines are often caused by poor circuit contact or detachment, so it is necessary to maintain the cleanliness and reliable contact of each wire head and terminal.

10) Before maintaining the fuel system, the battery grounding wire should be removed to avoid damaging the components.

11) Due to the complexity of electrical circuits, do not be careless in checking and troubleshooting. If unsure, do not disassemble easily, otherwise it may cause new faults.

12) When maintaining a diesel engine, if the electrical plug of the electronic injection system is removed, the electronic control system is checked, the ECU and various sensors are disassembled, and the relevant plugs are unplugged or plugged in, the ignition switch should be turned off first. It is not allowed to arbitrarily disconnect any connection between the battery and the control circuit when the ignition switch is turned on or the diesel engine is running, otherwise artificial fault codes will appear, affecting the use and easily causing ECU burning.

13) It is not allowed to start the diesel engine with external starting equipment when there is no battery, in order to avoid damage to the electronic control system.

14) When charging the vehicle battery, it is necessary to remove the battery. When installing and replacing the battery, attention should be paid to the positive and negative terminals, and ensure that the ignition switch or other electrical equipment is turned off, otherwise it may damage the electronic control system.

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