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Main Technical Indexes of Diesel Generator

Feb. 07, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the main technical indicators of diesel generators.

The performance of diesel generator is often judged and measured by some main technical indicators of diesel engine. These technical indicators include: dynamic indicators, economic indicators, weight and overall dimension indicators, exhaust pollution indicators, etc. And what is the fuel consumption per hour for a 24 or 25 horsepower diesel engine at medium speed.

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Generally, it refers to power, uniform effective power, uniform effective pressure, rotational speed and piston uniform speed. The work done by the effective power diesel engine in unit time is called power. I use a 20-horsepower single-cylinder diesel engine as power, but the diesel engine emits black smoke. The work done by the diesel engine in unit time in the cylinder is called indicated power. The power output from the DC high-voltage generator from the engine crankshaft is called effective power after the power is reduced to the mechanical loss power such as friction loss of internal parts, pump gas loss and drive accessories loss. The effective power output per second of the crankshaft of the diesel generator of the same brand and configuration of our product is, because the effective power of the diesel engine is the effective torque in the formula. Imported diesel generators: Mitsubishi diesel generators, imported Cummins diesel generators, Daewoo diesel generators, Volvo diesel generator prices, Perkins, USA Qianglu and other diesel generators.

To compare and evaluate the dynamic performance of various engines. It is a hypothetical large and small constant pressure acting on the piston top, that is, to find a column on the third floor of your building and use it as a grounding body, which is equal to the effective work done in each cycle. After the generator voltage is constant, the effective power of the technical parameter can also be used as the number of cylinders in the following formula; Working volume of cylinder; Uniform effective pressure; Engine speed; The number of strokes of the engine. The "zero line" in "grounded to zero line" is the zero line of the generator.

For two-stroke engines. Thus, it can be seen that it represents the effective power emitted by the unit cylinder working volume. Just like the zero wire and ground wire (generally) of the three-wire plug on the household electrical appliance should not be connected randomly. It not only states that the work cycle is noisy, but also includes the size of mechanical damage. The purchase of domestic or imported products depends on your actual situation. The higher the value, the more effective work the engine outputs. The working site of the unit may be desert, oil field, and railway construction sites. The rotational speed and piston uniform speed are the rotational speed of the diesel engine crankshaft per minute. One indicates that the rotational speed has a great impact on the performance and layout of the diesel engine. It is also possible to go to the working site of the diesel generator for technical support and technical services. The range of rotational speed used by various types of diesel engines varies.

Piston uniform speed The speed of piston movement in the cylinder is constantly changing. The diesel generator rental company will arrange professional electrical personnel to conduct on-site commissioning and installation. The dead center is small around the dead center and zero at the dead center. And all diesel generators are imported from Mitsubishi, Japan. Cummins diesel generator, the piston uniform speed can be calculated from the following formula. Economic indicators generally refer to the fuel consumption rate and lubricating oil consumption rate of diesel engines. Yatong Electromechanical is the most professional generator leasing enterprise in South China. It is the grams of fuel consumption per kilowatt hour of diesel engine operation. This brand of diesel generator has a good reputation at home and abroad. The fuel consumption rate per kilowatt hour measured by effective power is called effective fuel consumption rate. The former indicates the indicator of diesel engine economy, and all diesel generators are imported Cummins diesel generators. The fuel consumption rate mentioned in the diesel engine product declaration refers to the effective fuel consumption rate. Measure the torque and speed. The speed regulation rate of the diesel engine is too high (less than 5% for normal power generation diesel engines, and the no-load speed is too high. Adjust the high-speed stop screw on the high-pressure oil pump to try. If not, it may be necessary to calibrate the oil pump.

As a professional diesel generator manufacturer, we always insist on using first-class talents to build a first-class enterprise, create first-class products, create first-class services, and strive to build a first-class domestic enterprise. If you would like to get more information welcome to contact us via sales@dieselgeneratortech.com.

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