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Main System Structure of Volvo Diesel Generator Set

Jan. 17, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce the characteristics of the main system structure of Volvo diesel generator set.

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Base: The base is composed of two forms, one is the base separate frame type, and the other is the base oil tank type. The base is formed by cutting and welding of channel steel and steel plate. The base is equipped with diesel generator bracket, generator bracket and water tank bracket. The base oil tank type is also equipped with oil filler, oil level gauge, oil inlet and oil outlet. Volvo diesel generator units below 150KW are all made of steel plates. All steel bases are subject to acid pickling and phosphating treatment and then sprayed with plastic. All edges and corners of the bases are treated with non-injured hands.

Control system: The control system of Volvo diesel generating set is mainly composed of controller, relay, fuse, air circuit breaker, functional instrument, status indicator, brushless motor, electronic speed control actuator, electric regulator and other parts. The control system of Volvo diesel generator set is just like the human brain, which is mainly used to control the operation of diesel generator set and display the operation of the set, Adjust the quality of the power output by the generator, and alarm the abnormal conditions. The control system mainly plays the role of controlling and protecting the Volvo diesel genset. The protection contents include high water temperature, low oil pressure, overspeed, battery voltage, etc., which can effectively protect the Volvo diesel generator set from damage and the personal safety of the unit operators in case of accidents.

Fuel supply system: There are two types of fuel supply systems for Volvo diesel generator sets, namely mechanical and electronic. The mechanical fuel supply system uses the mechanical principle to control the fuel system. When the generator set is stopped, the fuel supply will be cut off in time to ensure that the fuel will not return, ensure that there will be no vacuum in the fuel pipe, and ensure that the manual pre-oil supply is not required when the Volvo diesel generator set is restarted, The price is relatively cheap. The electronic fuel supply system controls the fuel system by connecting the control device according to the circuit. The electronic fuel supply system judges and performs the operation according to the written procedure. Compared with the mechanical fuel supply system, the electronic fuel supply system has more functions, simple operation and safety. The price of the electronic fuel supply system with strong functions will be slightly higher than that of the mechanical fuel supply system.

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