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What Are The Main Damage to The Crankshaft of Volvo Diesel Generator Set?

Jul. 27, 2021

When the Volvo diesel generator operation, due to the complex force and working conditions of the crankshaft, the sliding speed of each friction surface is very high, and the heat dissipation conditions are poor. Therefore, the crankshaft is not only easy to wear on the journal, but also bends and twists, and even cracks or breaks. So, after the disassembly and cleaning, the careful inspection should be carried out, and corresponding repair methods should be adopted according to the found damaged parts and extent of damage.

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1. Test and treatment method of curved axis journal wear site.

The spindle neck and link journal of the crankshaft inevitably generate wear in operation, and wear is uneven, which is mainly manifested as the journal, and the cylindrical degree exceeds the standard value and the strain. The largest part of the journal of the link, generally on the inner side of each of the journal, that is, on the side of the crankshaft centerline, the axial neck is pulled; and the wear is a tapered portion, generally in the lubricating oil path Side and large parts. The wear part of the crankshaft mainx neck is different from the degree of strengthening of the Volvo diesel generator set, the number of cylinder, the crankshaft length, and the flat balance block is different, and it is necessary to uniform with respect to the bobbin neck. Practice has shown that the wear of the connecting rod journal is fast than the spindle neck, but the consequences of the spindle neck wear are serious than the consequences of the bearing journal wear.

Inspection and treatment method: Find the wear part according to each of the journal wear, which can be used to measure its roundness and cylindrical degree to determine the repair level and grinding dimensions of the crankshaft. The specific method is; first measure between the holes of the lubricating oil, turn 90 °, and the difference between the maximum value and the minimum value of the measurement is the cylindrical degree of the journal. The maximum difference between the maximum value measured in the journal and the minimum value, that is, the cylindrical degree of the journal. When the journal is greater than 0.050 mm, the taper is greater than 0.013 mm, or when the journal is damaged, ablation, it should be repaired. When the amount of journal abrasive exceeds the limit, it should be started from the maximum wear, and the curved grading repair size (0.25 mm per stage is 0.25 mm), grinding on a dedicated crank grinder, and polishing treatment. Requirement of axial neculus is not greater than 0.005 mm, the taper is not greater than 0.005 mm, and the surface roughness RA must not be greater than 0.80 to 0.40 um. The radial jump of each journal is not more than 0.05 mm, otherwise, it is unqualified.

2. Inspection and treatment methods of crankshaft cracks.

The fatigue crack of the crankshaft occurred in the crankshaft occurs in the transitional circle of the journal and the crank arm and the intermediate oil hole of the journal. The previous crack is a transverse crack, which is a threatening of the crankshaft break, that is, fine cracks, Gradually extend, finally break under certain conditions, the latter crack is longitudinally crack, and is deployed by the oil hole.

Test and treatment method: The crankshaft crack is fine, and it is easy to see with the naked eye. In the case where the conditions are not available, the easiest examination method is to immerse hammer: first immerse the crankshaft into kerosene, take out the wipe, sprinkle with white powder, then use the hand hammer to strike on the crankshaft arm. Due to the vibration, the kerosene inside the crack is oozed out, and the white powder shows the oil in the yellow mark, whereby the crack position and length can be determined. The journal has a crankshaft in transverse cracks, but it is not suitable for continuing, but the lateral crack is small, and after grinding, it can be used, otherwise, it must be replaced, the journal has longitudinal crack, should also grind Cutting elimination, the principle of continued use of the crankshaft in the case where the grinding conditions are not available: the crack is not allowed to be used when the crack is at the edge of the oil or the oil hole, but cannot operate under the overload.

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