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Lubrication System of Cummins KTA19 Diesel Generator

Nov. 15, 2022

When the diesel generator is operating, the mating pairs contact each other and move relatively at high speed, so the surface of the parts will inevitably produce friction and accelerate wear. In order to reduce wear, reduce friction resistance and prolong the service life of diesel generator, the diesel generator is equipped with a lubrication system. In this paper, Starlight Power takes Cummins KTA19 diesel generator as an example to explain the composition and function of the lubrication system.

Cummins diesel generator

The lubricating system is mainly composed of oil pan, oil filter, oil pump, oil filter, oil cooler and lubricating oil passage. The oil pump sucks the oil from the oil pan through the filter collector and oil suction pipe. The pressurized oil is first cooled by the oil cooler, then filtered by the Frega filter to remove impurities, and finally sent to the main oil gallery for distribution.

The function of the diesel generator lubrication system is to continuously deliver clean engine oil with appropriate pressure and temperature to the surfaces of all parts to be lubricated. The functions of the lubrication system mainly include the following aspects:

1. The lubricating effect forms an oil film between the surfaces of relative moving parts to reduce friction and wear. As the oil has a certain viscosity, it can adhere to the friction surface to form an oil film, so that the two friction surfaces do not contact directly. When the mating pairs move relative to each other, each part moves with the oil layer stuck on its surface, so the dry friction of each contact surface becomes liquid friction. Because the liquid friction coefficient is much smaller than the dry friction coefficient, the friction resistance is significantly reduced, thereby reducing the power loss and reducing the wear of parts.

2. Anti rust oil can adhere to the surface of metal parts to prevent oxidation and corrosion caused by water, air and acid gas contacting the surface of parts.

3. Hydraulic lubricating oil can also be used as hydraulic oil, such as the jack brake of Cummins diesel generator, which uses the hydraulic action of oil to operate.

4. The damping and buffering function forms an oil film between moving parts to absorb impact and reduce vibration. When the pressure of the cylinder rises sharply, the force suddenly acting on the piston, piston pin, connecting rod and crankshaft journal is very large. This force is transmitted through the bearing and applied to the oil film, slowing down the direct impact between the parts.

5. The cooling effect is during the operation of the diesel generator. Due to the existence of friction and the combustion of the mixture, the heat absorption of the parts is inevitable, and the temperature will inevitably rise. When the lubrication system is working, the circulating oil will take away the heat from the friction surface, which will prevent the temperature of the parts from being too high.

6. Cleaning function The oil circulates continuously in the lubrication system to clean the friction surface and take away the wear debris and other foreign matters. This prevents abrasive wear between parts.

7. Sealing function The oil is attached to the surface of moving parts to form an oil seal, which improves the sealing effect of parts. The oil sealing function is mainly reflected in the oil film formed on the cylinder wall, piston ring and piston surface. It is this filling action of oil that makes the cylinder pressure established.

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