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Load Characteristics of Diesel Generators

Sep. 09, 2022

The load of the diesel generator often refers to the size of the resistance torque of the diesel generator. Since the mean effective pressure is proportional to the torque, the mean effective pressure is often used to represent the load. The working condition of the diesel generator is determined by the speed and the load. The so-called load characteristic refers to the relationship between the other main performance parameters (fuel consumption rate Ge, fuel consumption Gi and exhaust temperature tr, etc.) changing with the load when the speed of the diesel generator remains unchanged. At this time, since the rotational speed is constant, the effective power can be used as a metric load. In the debugging process of diesel generator engine, the load characteristic is often used as the standard for its performance comparison.

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In addition, the load characteristic gives the relationship between the load of the diesel generator engine and the fuel consumption rate under the condition of constant speed. Therefore, the load can be changed in a wide range, and the speed of the stationary engine is basically unchanged (such as Diesel generator engine) has the meaning of special protection. If the load characteristic curve at a series of different speeds is measured from the diesel generator engine, the most economical operating condition of the stationary or transport engine can be selected.

During the operation of the diesel generator, the air charge does not change much, mainly by changing the fuel supply per cycle to change the concentration of the mixture (ie, the excess air coefficient a), thereby adjusting the load of the diesel engine (called quality regulation). In other words, the diesel engine mainly changes the load by increasing or decreasing the fuel supply by changing the position of the adjustment rod of the fuel injection pump.

Exhaust smoke increases with the increase of load, but increases slowly at low load, and at low load, the smoke is very small and invisible to the naked eye, and is usually considered to be smokeless in the exhaust. When the load is high, the smoke density increases rapidly. When the maximum power is approached, the mixture formation and combustion deteriorate, the combustion is incomplete, the exhaust smoke degree increases sharply, and the thermal load of the piston and cylinder head and other parts also increases rapidly. If you continue to increase the fuel supply, the diesel generator exhaust will emit a lot of black smoke, and the power will drop instead, so there is a smoke limit for the diesel generator. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of diesel generators, diesel generators are not allowed to work under the smoke limit.

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