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Key Maintenance Points for Electronic Fuel System

Dec. 08, 2023

The electronic fuel supply system of diesel generator sets mainly consists of two parts: low-pressure oil circuit and high-pressure oil circuit. Its function is to ensure that high-pressure fuel is injected into the combustion chamber at a fixed quality, quantity, and timing when the piston moves upward to a certain degree before the compression top dead center.

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Whether it is the early inline pump fuel injection system or the modern electronic fuel injection system (including electronic unit pump system, electronic distribution pump system, and other electronic fuel injection systems), the basic fuel system of a generator is composed of components such as fuel injectors, fuel injection pumps, high-pressure fuel pipes, fuel pumps, and fuel filters. For the electronically controlled high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, the main components of the fuel system include the high-pressure common rail pipe, ECU, and related sensors (such as crankshaft speed sensor, camshaft position sensor, rail pressure sensor, flow limiter, etc.), actuator components, etc. Its maintenance points are as follows:

1. Compared to traditional mechanical fuel systems, electronic fuel systems have high requirements for fuel cleanliness and moisture content. Unclean fuel can cause pitting corrosion inside the common rail, as well as abnormal wear and tear of moving parts and precision components, shortening their service life. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the operation site when maintaining the electronic fuel system.

2. In daily maintenance, it is necessary to regularly replace the fuel filter and oil-water separator.

3. Do not add fuel that does not meet national standards. You should go to a regular gas station for refueling. Due to the low overall level of domestic oil products and the high amount of moisture and impurities, users should regularly release the moisture from the oil-water separator.

4. All fuel system pipelines should be properly stored during disassembly and installation to avoid being dirty. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble the high-pressure oil pipe while the diesel engine is running, as the oil pressure in the high-pressure oil pipe is very high at this time. Therefore, it is necessary to stop the machine and let it stand for more than 15 minutes before disassembling the oil pipe to ensure safety.

5. During the running in period and subsequent maintenance, it is necessary to use diesel filters specially designed for electronic controlled diesel engines (National III) recognized by the diesel engine manufacturer, otherwise it may cause damage to the high-pressure pump, fuel injectors, and common rail pipes.

6. Diesel filter replacement cycle: replace the filter every 15000km or 300h of cumulative operation.

The method for replacing the filter element is to use a special tool to remove the exposed core from the diesel filter holder, and apply force evenly to avoid compression deformation; Check if the sealing ring of the new filter element is intact. It is not allowed to directly inject unfiltered diesel into the new filter element. After replacing the diesel filter element, the hand pump should be emptied according to the requirements in the user manual.

7. Install or maintain the oil-water separator on schedule. Electronic controlled diesel engines have high requirements for fuel quality, and it is necessary to pay attention to the cleanliness of the fuel circuit. If necessary, an oil-water separator can be installed.

Here is a special reminder to everyone: the original oil-water separator must not be dismantled and discarded.

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