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Introduction to Repairing Camshafts of Cummins Diesel Generator Sets

Jul. 07, 2022

Today we will introduce to you the content of repairing the camshaft of Cummins diesel generator set.

Repair of camshaft journal of Cummins diesel generator set: There are two repair methods for camshaft journal wear. One is a removable cam bearing that is pressed into the bearing hole of the cylinder block, and this kind of camshaft is relatively common, and the size of the journal can be reduced and the cam bearing of the corresponding size can be used.

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The repair size is generally divided into four levels, and each level is reduced by 0.25mm (0.25mm, 0.50mm, 0.75mm, 1.00mm), usually on a grinding machine. The other is that the camshaft rotates directly in the bearing hole of the cylinder block. When repairing the journal, it should be thickened with chrome plating, and then ground to the standard size or repaired size and then matched.

Repair of Cummins diesel generator set cam: When the surface of the cam has scratches, roughness and uneven wear, it should be trimmed with a special grinder for camshafts, or carefully repaired according to the standard model. When the height of the cam is reduced to a certain limit due to wear (its allowable limit depends on the thickness of the cam carburized layer, generally not more than 0.50-0.80mm), it should be polished on a special model lathe or a camshaft grinder.

If the wear is too high, alloy electrode surfacing can be carried out (if ordinary electrodes are used, carburizing and heat treatment are required after welding), and then polished according to the model to restore the original geometry. In order to avoid thermal deformation during surfacing, the cam can be placed in water, and only the welding part is exposed to the water surface. If the top of the cam has a taper, if the taper disappears or does not meet the requirements, it should be repaired.

Repair of other parts: If the thread of the fixing nut of the camshaft of the Cummins diesel genset is damaged, it should be repaired by surfacing or replaced with a new one. The timing gear key and the keyway need to match, if there is wear, the key should be replaced with a new one. The gear teeth of the driving gear of the oil pump are worn, and when the tooth loss exceeds 0.50mm, it should be repaired by surfacing welding. When the eccentric surface wear exceeds 0.50mm, it should be repaired. When the wing gear and cam are too worn or broken, the camshaft should be replaced.

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