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Introduction to Radiator Core Structure of Generator Set

Feb. 13, 2023

One of the components that play an important role in the cooling system of the generator set is the radiator, which can transfer the heat emitted by the high-temperature parts to the atmosphere through the cooling liquid through the influence of the external forced cooling air flow, thus ensuring the normal operation of all parts of the unit. The cooling capacity of the cooling system is directly affected by the performance of the radiator, and determines the reliability and economy of the generator set.

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A large number of cooling flat tubes and fins form the core of the radiator. The main requirement for the radiator core is to maximize the heat dissipation area, and the application of fins is to increase the heat dissipation area of the radiator core. The structural styles of radiator cores are divided into many types. The tubular type and the tubular belt type are the two most common structures in engineering applications. The structural drawings of various radiator cores are shown in the figure.

The cooling pipe of the tubular radiator core of the generator set is generally a flat circular section, through which the upper and lower chambers are connected, and it is also the channel through which the cooling water flows. Compared with the cooling pipe with circular section, the flat circular section has a large heat dissipation area at first, and then when the cooling water in the pipe expands due to icing, its cross section can also be deformed, thus avoiding the water pipe rupture. The application of heat sink can not only increase the heat dissipation area, but also increase the rigidity and strength of the radiator. Although the radiator core has ideal strength and rigidity, its relatively complex manufacturing process makes its cost high.

The way of arranging the tubular radiator core of the generating set is to arrange the cooling pipe and the diffuser along the longitudinal interval. Because the air flow will form a boundary layer on the radiator belt, the formation of this layer can be destroyed by opening holes in the radiator belt, and the heat dissipation ability can be improved. Compared with the tubular type, this type of radiator core has poor structural rigidity, but its strong heat dissipation performance, simple manufacturing process and low cost are mostly applied to car engines, and also gradually applied to some medium-sized vehicles in recent years.

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