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Installation of Diesel Generator Set in Water Conservancy Project

Jan. 13, 2023

Today we are going to introduce the installation inspection, material quality control and installation of diesel generator sets in water conservancy projects, hoping to help you.

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Environmental inspection before installation of diesel generator set

Before the installation of diesel generator set, all civil works shall meet the following requirements in addition to the requirements of technical specifications.

1. The environment in the machine room is clean, well ventilated and dry;

2. There should be no articles that can produce acid, alkali and other corrosive gases in the machine room;

3. Ventilation and exhaust facilities shall be installed;

4. There shall be no other objects in front of the radiator of the unit.

Material quality control of diesel generator

1. The capacity specification of diesel generator set must meet the design requirements.

2. Check the main engine, accessories, special tools, spare parts and attached technical documents according to the packing list, check the certificate of conformity and factory test run records, and the engine and control cabinet shall have factory test records.

3. The appearance inspection of diesel generator set shows that the body is intact, the accessories are complete and the coating film is complete.

4. The specifications of various section steels used for installation shall meet the design requirements without obvious corrosion, and the bolts shall be tinned bolts.

5. Other auxiliary materials shall meet the design requirements and have product certificates.

Installation of diesel generator set in place

Diesel generator set is a high-speed rotating equipment. Before use, it must be correctly installed to ensure safe, reliable, economical and reasonable normal operation of the unit.

The in place installation of diesel generator set shall not only meet the following requirements, but also comply with relevant GB or IEC regulations.

1. The diesel generator set shall be installed in a horizontal state as far as possible, but the longitudinal inclined installation is allowed, and the gradient shall not be greater than 5 °;

2. The lower part of the common base of the diesel generator set shall be provided with damping measures. The specifications and models of the damping devices shall be the same. The fasteners used shall be galvanized standard parts.

When lifting the diesel generator set, the steel wire rope with sufficient strength shall be used at the lifting position of the unit, and it is not allowed to damage the oil pipe and meter box on the shaft. Lift the unit according to the technical installation procedures for hoisting, align it with the foundation centerline and the shock absorber, lift the unit, rely on the level gauge, and adjust it to the level with sizing block. The installation accuracy must meet the longitudinal and transverse levelness, and the deviation per meter shall not be greater than 0.1MM. There shall be no gap between the sizing block and the base to ensure that the force is uniform.

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