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Installation Method of Diesel Generator Exhaust System

Nov. 27, 2023

The definition of the exhaust system of a diesel generator set refers to the exhaust pipeline connected to the engine room by the engine exhaust port after the generator set is installed on the basis of the engine room. It includes a muffler, corrugated pipe, flange, elbow, gasket, and the exhaust pipeline connected to the outside of the engine room, which is standard for the engine.

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The exhaust system of diesel generator sets should minimize the number of elbows and shorten the total length of the exhaust pipe as much as possible, otherwise it will lead to an increase in the pressure of the exhaust pipe of the genset. And causing excessive power loss to the unit, affecting its normal operation and reducing its normal service life. The exhaust pipe diameter specified in the technical data of diesel generator sets is generally based on the installation of exhaust pipes with a total length of 6m and a maximum of one elbow and one muffler.

When the exhaust system exceeds the specified length and number of bends during actual installation, the exhaust pipe diameter should be appropriately increased, and the increase depends on the total length of the exhaust pipe and the number of bends. The first section of pipeline connecting from the main exhaust pipe of the unit turbocharger must include a flexible corrugated pipe section. The corrugated pipe has been randomly matched to the customer, and the second section of the exhaust pipe should be elastically supported to avoid unreasonable installation of the exhaust pipe or additional lateral and compressive stresses caused by relative displacement of the exhaust system due to thermal effects during unit operation. All supporting mechanisms and suspension devices of the exhaust pipe should have a certain degree of elasticity.

When there is more than one unit in the computer room, it is important to remember that the exhaust system of each unit should be designed and installed independently. Never allow different units to share the same exhaust pipe to avoid abnormal movement caused by different exhaust pressures during unit operation, increase exhaust pressure, and prevent waste smoke and exhaust gas from flowing back through the shared pipe, affecting the normal power output of the unit or even causing damage to the unit.

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