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Inspection the Valve Stem Component Dimensions of Diesel Generators

Dec. 29, 2023

The valve stem of a diesel generator is also known as a valve tappet. The valve stem is the main component of the valve mechanism, which uses oil pressure to transfer the force on the eccentric wheel of the camshaft to the valve mechanism. To ensure tight valve closure, there is an appropriate gap between the valve stem end and the valve drive component.

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The valve stem of a diesel generator is cylindrical and constantly moves back and forth in the valve guide, and its surface must undergo overheating treatment and polishing. The shape of the valve stem end of a diesel generator depends on the fixing form of the valve spring, and the commonly used structure is a two half lock plate to fix the spring seat. This article introduces the inspection method for the size of diesel generator valve stem components by Dingbo Electric Power.

(1) Check the straightness of the valve stem of the diesel generator

Place the valve stem of the inspected valve on the flat edge of the blade, and use a feeler gauge to measure the gap between the valve stem and the flat edge of the blade while gently rotating the valve. If the gap is greater than 0.01mm, the valve should be replaced.

(2) Check the wear of the valve stem of the diesel generator.

Compare and measure the maximum wear and non wear parts of the valve stem using an outer diameter micrometer. The diameter of the valve stem should meet technical standards, and the valve should be replaced if it exceeds the allowable value.

(3) Correction of bent valve stem of diesel generator.

After the valve stem is bent, it will cause the valve to jam when moving inside the guide, resulting in loose valve closure, air leakage, abnormal noise, and serious faults such as valve guide breakage and valve turning. Therefore, when the valve stem is bent more than 0.05mm, it should be straightened or replaced with a new valve.

Correction method for bent valve stem: As shown in the figure, place the valve stem on two V-shaped frames, position both ends with a pin, and then measure and correct.

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