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Inspection The Tightness of Valve and Valve Seat of Generating Set

Apr. 11, 2023

The Starlight Power Generation Equipment will continue to tell you about the relevant knowledge of the valve of the generator set. Today, we will introduce the methods for verifying the tightness of the valve and valve seat of the generator set. Generally speaking, there are four methods:

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1. Observe the degree of grinding with your eyes. The contact surface of the ground generator set valve should present a uniformly closed halo. The width of the contact surface is generally 1.5 to 3mm for the intake valve and 2 to 3mm for the exhaust valve.

2. Pencil drawing method. Use a soft pencil to draw several lines evenly (approximately every 4 mm) on the working surface of the generator set valve. Contact the working surface of the matching valve seat, rotate the valve for 1/8 to 1/4 turn, and then take out the pencil drawn line for the generator set valve inspection. If all pencil lines are cut, it indicates that the seal is good. If some lines are not broken, it indicates that the seal is not tight and needs to be reground.

3. Oil immersion method. Install the ground generator set valve into the seat and add a little gasoline or diesel. If there is no leakage between the valve and seat of the generator set within 5 minutes, it indicates that the valve is well sealed.

4. Check with special instruments. Check with a tester equipped with a barometer that specifically inspects the valve tightness of the generator set. During inspection, first press the air container tightly onto the valve seat cylinder block, and then pinch the rubber ball to make the air container contain 0.6 to 0.7 kgf/cm ² (1kgf/cm ²= 98.0665 kPa), if the reading of the barometer does not decrease within 30 seconds, it indicates cm ² The valve and seat are well sealed.

The above is the inspection method for the tightness of the valve and valve seat of the generator set introduced by Starlight Power Generation Equipment. If you need to inspect the tightness of the valve and valve seat of the generator set, you can refer to the above method.

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