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Inspection the Helical Spring of Yuchai Diesel generator

Jun. 15, 2023

During the use of Yuchai diesel generator coil spring, residual deformation will occur due to thermal annealing or fatigue of Yuchai diesel generator. As a result, the elasticity of the spring is weakened, causing damage such as the change, deformation and fracture of the free length of the spring of Yuchai diesel generator. The free length of the spring can be measured with a ruler or Vernier scale, or compared and verified with a new spring.

Yuchai generator

As the spring elasticity of Yuchai diesel generator obeys Hooke's Law, the spring must be compressed to a certain length when testing the spring elasticity to see whether its elasticity meets the requirements. When the load of Yuchai diesel generator is lower than the specified value, the spring elasticity does not meet the requirements. Use the general rigidity inspection method to judge whether the spring is broken and whether the spring is skewed. Use a square to check. If the inclination exceeds 2 degrees, replace it. It is necessary to measure the runout of the end face of the Plane of rotation of the disc shaped parts of Yuchai diesel generator.

The reading on the differential table of the rotating component is an end-to-end jump, as the radius of the measuring point has a significant impact on the jump momentum. Therefore, in the detection technology, different parts are required to have different measuring point radii. For Yuchai diesel generator rods and parts with special shapes, deformation and fracture tests should be carried out, which will be discussed in the following relevant chapters. In addition, the technical status of special bolts, studs, nuts, and washers can be determined through inspection methods. Bolts and studs should not be bent or extended, threads should not be flattened or sliding, flat washers, lock washers should be flat, not broken, and spring washers should not lose elasticity.

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