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Inspection of Volvo Generator Set During No Load Operation

Jul. 10, 2023

After starting the Volvo generator set, the speed should be slowly increased. After checking and confirming that everything is in good condition, no-load operation from low speed to rated speed can be carried out. When the Volvo generator set is running at no load, it is important to check the oil pressure of the Volvo generator set and identify the situation before starting. If everything is normal, it can be put into normal operation. The operator should closely monitor the changes in the instruments on the control screen to see if they are within the permitted range and make corresponding adjustments.

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During operation, operators should maintain a safe distance from live equipment and wear labor protective equipment. The switching operation should pay attention to the sequence. When the Volvo generator unit stops normally, it should first unload some of the load, then turn off the main switch, and finally turn off the diesel engine of the Volvo generator set. It is not allowed to not pull the main switch, and the power will be cut off automatically with the diesel engine of the Volvo generator unit stalling. Perform routine checks on the Volvo generator set after shutdown and record the operation status.

In case of electric shock, the power switch should be quickly cut off, or insulation tools should be used to quickly cut off or disconnect the power supply. It is not allowed to damage the sealing state of Volvo generator set generator, any person is not allowed to enter the wind tunnel, and it is not allowed to use sand or foam fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. When entering the wind tunnel for inspection after fire fighting, open the door and hot air port, and wear Gas mask. After extinguishing the fire, when entering the rotor of the Volvo generator set for inspection, it is necessary to confirm that the Volvo generator set has stopped stably and put in the lock spindle of the relay, and lift the brake.

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