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Improve The Oil Supply System of Silent Generator Set

Sep. 24, 2021

The silent generator set test platform is the last quality inspection system before the complete silent generator set leaves the factory. It is also the most important part of the quality inspection and an important guarantee for product quality. The test platform is mainly composed of several parts such as the bench for installing the unit, starting equipment components, fuel supply equipment components, cooling equipment components, water load equipment, and centralized control equipment. The fuel supply equipment components are important for storing and providing diesel engine power. equipment. The fuel supply equipment is mainly composed of six parts: fuel tank, mobile wheel, oil-water separator, electric oil pump and oil supply and return pipeline. The integrity of the fuel supply equipment components is one of the necessary conditions that determine the normal operation of the unit. A stable fuel supply system will provide basic support for the smooth progress of the test. This requires continuous research on how to improve and improve the fuel supply system during the test. .

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At present, the directly connected oil storage tanks equipped with silent generator sets in many stations pose a safety hazard in terms of refueling. When the oil storage tank contains less than 1/3 of the oil, it needs to be filled with diesel. Water, impurities, etc. are also brought into the oil pipeline, causing blockage of the fuel pipeline, affecting the silent generator set fuel injector, and causing the silent generator set to shut down or even be damaged. Some stations install a filter device before the fuel is injected into the fuel tank of the silent generator set, but the fuel that Shan Yu just added to the storage tank is mixed with a large amount of impurities and water, which will also cause the filter to be blocked, the flow rate becomes small, and the fuel is filled up. The time is too long, the workload is heavy, and even the overflowing of oil may cause economic losses and fire safety hazards.

In order to overcome the above shortcomings, install a set of automatic control system between the oil storage tank and the small fuel tank of the silent generator. The system cooperates with devices such as liquid level connector, ten reed tube liquid level controller and solenoid valve, sensitive and automatic detection of the oil storage status of the tank, and automatically runs out of oil in the small oil tank without affecting the oil supply of the silent generator set. Self-compensation, self-breaking control when full of oil. Prevent the fuel mixed with a large amount of water impurities directly into the silent generator set when the large oil storage tank is refueled, blocking the filters and nozzles and other devices, affecting its normal operation, and solving the hidden safety hazards of the fuel supply system.

The tubing is easy to age, and has a short life span, causing serious oil leakage in the tubing. Due to the uneven quality of the fuel used in the experiment, the fuel supply used by the platform is easy to block the fuel filter, which causes the experiment to fail to proceed as scheduled, which affects work efficiency. The oil supply pipeline does not support multiple oil supply, which cannot satisfy the simultaneous test of multiple units. The oil level sensor is composed of a five-digit ten reed pipe, that is, the position of the fuel tank is divided into five points. There are five contacts inside the oil level sensor. These five contacts correspond to five LEDs. When the oil level reaches the position, the corresponding LED is on. At the same time, an LED is used to indicate the working status of the fuel supply system. In order to prevent the duty officer from failing to detect the full or missing state of the fuel tank in time, an audible alarm is installed. When the oil level reaches the highest or lowest level, an audible alarm will sound. The above signals can be directly sent to the duty room through multi-strand cables.

The fuel supply pipe of the improved quiet silent genset is made of high-pressure steel wire braided rubber tubing. The structure of the steel wire braided rubber hose is composed of liquid-resistant synthetic rubber inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, Ⅰ or Ⅱ or Ⅲ steel wire braided reinforcement layer, and excellent weather resistance. The composition of the rubber outer layer is below 80 ℃.

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