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Improper Installation of Fuel Injection Pump for Diesel Generator Set

Sep. 08, 2023

Do you know what faults are caused by improper installation of the fuel injection pump in diesel generator sets? Firstly, it is analyzed that the installation of the semicircle key is not in place. For fuel injection pumps connected by flange plates, when the installation position of the semicircle key between the fuel supply timing gear and the automatic adjustment of the fuel supply advance angle and the camshaft of the fuel injection pump is incorrect, there will be problems such as inaccurate fuel supply timing, difficulty in starting the diesel generator set, smoking, and high water temperature. If the adjustment cannot be made through the curved hole on the flange, the fuel injection pump needs to be removed and reinstalled. After removal, obvious indentation can be observed on the semicircle key.

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If the passive disc is misaligned by 180 °, for fuel injection pumps connected by a cross shaped coupling, it is possible to misalign the passive disc by half a turn (180 °) during installation, resulting in failure to start and smokeless exhaust from the exhaust pipe. Even if the engine catches fire under strong starting, there will still be a noisy sound and severe smoke from the exhaust pipe, making it unable to work. At this point, the connecting screws should be removed, the fuel injection pump cam should be turned half a turn to reconnect, and then the fuel supply timing should be adjusted through the curved hole.

It is possible that the positions of the inlet and outlet screws are installed incorrectly. When connecting the oil pipe, if the outlet screw is mistakenly installed on the inlet pipe joint of the fuel injection pump, due to the one-way valve inside the outlet screw, fuel cannot enter or only a small amount enters the inlet chamber of the fuel injection pump, making the diesel generator set unable to start or unable to refuel to increase the speed after starting. At this point, the resistance of using the hand oil pump to pump oil is very high, and it is even impossible to press the hand oil pump. At this point, simply change the installation positions of the inlet and outlet screws to eliminate the problem.

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