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Important to Know the Basic Parameters of Engine

Oct. 18, 2019

Engine is the core component of the generator set, and it is also the most mysterious high-tech "weapon". In the selection of the genset, it is important to refer to the main parameters of the engine. But not all customers can clearly say what these parameters represent. Here, we will give a brief introduction. If you are interested, then keep reading.


The physical definition of power is how much work is done per unit of time. Therefore, power is a physical quantity that describes how fast and slow the work is. We can also understand it is as the energy generated by the engine per unit time. The higher the engine power, the faster the work is done. The more energy is generated  in the same time.  Usually, the higher the engine power, the higher its maximum speed.


Rotational Speed (RPM)

Rotational speed is the number of times the engine rotates in a minute. But it is a double relationship between speed and cycle. Because the four-stroke engine is widely used at present, it only completes one work cycle once every two turns. For example, the speed of the engine is at 8000 revolutions per minute, which is equivalent to only 4000 work cycles.

rotational speed.jpg


Torque is the force by which the piston of an internal combustion engine rotates the engine in one cycle. There are generally two units of torque, Newton meter and pounds per foot. In China, Newton meter is commonly used. For example, the engine burst out 200 Newton meters, it is equivalent to bring to bear 20 kg weight at one end of a 1 meter lever.

The relationship between the three

Power is proportional to speed and torque.

Power = n x Torque x Speed (n is constant)

That is to say, the greater the torque, the greater the power; the greater the speed, the greater the power. Whether it is to increase torque to speed, it can increase the power of the engine.

For example, Dongfeng Cummins QSZ13 engine can reach the maximum torque of 3000 N·m at 1500rpm and the maximum power of 470KW. In the 13L engine of Stage III, the large torque brings a great increase in power.

Cummins QSZ13 engine.jpg

Cummins Engine Introduction

Cummins is in the world largest company today in the design, production and sales of diesel engine and compressed natural gas engines. Cummins has invested more than 140 million dollars in China, covering Dongfeng Cummins (Produces B, C and L Series diesel engine) and Chongqing Cummins (produces M, N, and K Series diesel engine).

Information about Cummins Engine System

Intake System

* Equipped with dry air filters and air resistance indicators.

* Use HOLSET exhaust gas turbocharger, full intake, performance guarantee.

 Exhaust System

* The use of pulse dry exhaust pipe can effectively utilize exhaust gas energy and give full play to engine performance;

* Equipped with exhaust elbow and bellows with diameter of 127mm for easy connection.

Fuel System

*Cummins PT fuel system with unique overspeed protection;

 *Low  pressure oil pipeline, low pipeline, low failure rate and high reliability;

* High pressure injection, full combustion;

*Equipped with fuel oil supply and return oil one-way valve, safe and reliable in use.

Lubrication System

* 60GAL variable flow oil pump with main oil channel signal tube, according to the oil pressure of the main oil channel to adjust the pump oil quantity, optimize the oil quantity into the engine;

* Low oil pressure (241-345kPa). These measures can reduce pump power loss, improve power performance and improve engine economy.

Cummins engine.jpg

Cable Connection

*The air switch of Cummins diesel generator set below 800KW is moulded case air switch and hung on the right side of generator (from generator end).

*The air switch of Cummins diesel genset above 800kw adopts frame type air switch and floor type cabinet body, and is installed in the machine room.

* Soft connection is recommended for cable connection.

* It is suggested that the cable should be prelaid in the cable slot and treated with impermeability and leakage prevention.

Power Output

*Crankshaft pulley with double groove power output can be installed in front of shock absorber;

*The front end of the engine is equipped with multi slot accessories for driving pulley, and all kinds of front end power output devices are available.

Note: We are authorized as Cummins diesel genset OEM, can provide 24KW to 2200KW generating set with Cummins diesel engine. The genset can be made into open generator, silent generator, trailer generator and containerized generator set.

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