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How to Use Diesel Generator Battery Correctly?

Jul. 20, 2023

The diesel generator set is equipped with a battery which is used to start the diesel generator set, called the starting battery. Before use, an electrolyte with a specific gravity of 1:1.28 should be added. First, unscrew the top cover of the battery compartment and slowly add electrolyte as close as possible to the upper mark. After topping up, please do not use it immediately. Let the battery park for about 15 minutes first.

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When charging the battery after topping up the electrolyte, the continuous charging should not exceed 4 hours. If the charging time is too long, the service life of the diesel generator battery will be damaged. However, when the storage time of the battery of the Diesel generator exceeds 3 months, the charging time can be 7-8 hours, the ambient temperature continues to exceed 30 ℃ or the relative humidity continues to exceed 80%, and the charging time is 7-8 hours. If the storage time of the battery exceeds 1 year, the charging time can be 12 hours. At the end of the charging, check whether the level of the electrolyte is sufficient, and add the standard electrolyte with the correct specific gravity (1:1.28) if necessary

When charging the diesel generator set battery, first open the battery filter cap or exhaust hole cover, check the electrolyte level, and adjust it with distilled water if necessary. In addition, to prevent long-term closure from causing timely discharge of pollutants in the battery cell and preventing condensation of water droplets on the inner top wall of the cell, special ventilation holes should be opened to facilitate proper air circulation.

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