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How to Troubleshoot The Valve Failure of Generator Set

Sep. 22, 2021

There are also tricks in the use of generator sets. Mastering these tips will save our time and worry. In this article, Starlight Power Generation Equipment will introduce you to the new coup of troubleshooting for the valve of the generator set.

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The noise of the valve ejector rod of the generator set is a kind of crisp, similar to the "click" sound of a small steel ball falling on a slate. The sounding part is on the side of the axle. When the generator set is idling, the sound is obvious, and when the speed is above the medium speed, the sound is If the sound is weakened or disappeared, when checking, remove the valve cover and hook the valve jack adjusting screw with a wire. If the sound is weakened or disappears, the valve jack is sounding.

The foot sound produced by the generator set is a continuous rhythmic, crisp "drip" sound. At idle and medium speeds, the sound is clear and clear. At high speeds, the sound is chaotic. It can be clearly heard on the side of the valve, and the sound is not affected by "fire prevention" and diesel engine temperature. When checking, first remove the valve cover to make the power 400KW when the generator set is idling, listen to the noise of the valve, and observe the influence of lubricating oil splash. After finding the foot noise of the valve, check the valve clearance with a feeler gauge. If the valve clearance is greater than the standard requirement, readjust the headroom range, and the valve foot noise will disappear after adjustment. If there is still a slight noise, the valve clearance cannot be adjusted below the specified value, otherwise the normal power of the generator set will be affected.

The knocking sound of a broken valve spring is usually caused by the valve spring being too soft or broken. Its sound is a kind of'chattering' knocking sound. During diagnosis, remove the valve cover and check it by auditory and visual inspection. It is a multi-cylinder diesel engine. First find out which cylinder valve is not working properly, and then pin the valve spring with a screwdriver. If the noise disappears, it means that the cylinder spring is too soft or broken.

The knocking sound of the loose valve seat ring of the generator set is caused by the following reasons: the material is not compatible, it deforms and becomes loose after being heated, and the fitting gap is loose due to improper clearance, and the loose valve seat ring will make a kind of knocking sound. This sound is similar to the broken sound of the valve spring, but it is looser than the valve seat ring. When checking the generator set, the valve cover should be removed and observed. If the valve gap is not large and the spring is not broken, it can be concluded that the valve seat ring is loose and knocked.

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