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How To Troubleshoot Diesel Generator Set Coolant Circulation Failure

Aug. 08, 2022

Diesel generator sets are often used as emergency backup power sources in factories to maintain normal production operations in the event of an unexpected power outage or power cut. In hot summer, diesel generator sets are especially prone to overheating, and the normal circulation of coolant can be described as It is the most important thing. Once the cooling system fails, it may cause the unit to fail to work normally. In this article, Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will take you to understand how to troubleshoot the cooling liquid circulation system of the unit.


1. The water pump of the diesel generator set is faulty. We must first check whether the water pump works well. If it is found that the wear of the water pump transmission pinion is too high, it means that the water pump has no effect and needs to be replaced before it can circulate normally.


2. The coolant level of the diesel generator set is too low or does not meet the rules. If the liquid level is too low, it can directly cause the temperature of the cooling liquid to rise, so that the cooling liquid does not circulate. The cooling liquid is 50% antifreeze + 50% softened water + DCA4 according to the rules. Rust that prevents the coolant from circulating properly.


3. Disadvantages of diesel generator set thermostat. A thermostat is installed in the combustion chamber of the engine to control the temperature of the combustion chamber of the engine. The thermostat must be fully open at the specified temperature to help with small cycles. Assuming there is no thermostat, the coolant cannot maintain the circulating temperature and a low temperature alarm may occur.


diesel generator set

4. There is air mixed in the cooling system of the diesel generator set, and the pipeline is not dredged. The damage of the suction valve and the exhaust valve on the expansion tank also directly affects the circulation. At this time, it is necessary to check whether their pressure values meet the rules and the suction pressure. It is 10kpa, and the exhaust pressure is 40kpa. In addition to the second time, whether the exhaust pipeline is dredged is also an important reason that affects the circulation.


5. The radiator fins of the diesel generator set are blocked or damaged. The cooling fan does not work or the heat sink is blocked, so that the temperature of the coolant cannot be lowered, and the heat sink is rusted, causing liquid leakage and poor circulation.


The above is the troubleshooting method introduced by Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. for the failure of the cooling liquid circulation of the diesel generator set used in the factory. I hope it will be useful to you. The overheating of the diesel generator set can lead to the reduction of the inflation coefficient of the set, the abnormal fuel combustion, the decrease of power, and the increase of fuel consumption, etc. Therefore, once the coolant circulation is found to be faulty, the cause must be checked and maintained in time.


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