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How to Solve The Flywheel and Gear Ring Faults of Diesel Generators?

Sep. 21, 2023

How would you solve the problems with the flywheel and gear ring of a diesel generator? The so-called traction and whole body, the diesel generator is composed of various components, which have a significant impact on the normal operation of the diesel generator. Therefore, when using diesel generators, we need to understand the problem of the malfunction in order to better maintain and maintain the diesel generator. Today, we shared with you important issues and solutions related to the flywheel and ring gear of diesel generators, among which the most common failure of the flywheel is the wear of the ring gear. Therefore, when the diesel generator is overhauled, repairs should be carried out based on the wear of the gear ring. The specific maintenance plan is as follows for reference.

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When the flywheel ring of a diesel generator assembly is worn on one side, it can be overturned, but the chamfer of the tooth edge needs to be corrected. If both sides of the ring are severely worn, or if the teeth are broken or broken, the ring should be replaced. The ring gear can be replaced by heating. Before assembly, place the gear ring in oil heated to 300 ° C to expand it, then quickly face the chamfered side towards the flywheel and load it during hot pressing. Secondly, the working surface of the flywheel is worn or has wavy stripes. Grinding should be carried out, and the total grinding amount should not exceed 1.2 millimeters. When the inner diameter of the gear ring and the flywheel of the gas generator set are too small or there is no interference, welding can be used for positioning. The solder joints should not be too large during welding. It is generally distributed on the circumference of the gear ring, with flat welding points and equal welding amount.

To check and adjust the runout of the flywheel, first install the dial gauge on the magnetic base, and then rotate the flywheel once to detect the circular runout of the flywheel end face at four equally spaced points. Measure the distance between the center of the crankshaft and the percentile measuring head, multiplied by 0.025mm, to obtain the maximum allowable end circle runout value. Before installing the diesel flywheel, clean and install it. After cleaning, it is necessary to find the relative position between the flywheel and crankshaft and the flange joint surface. During the installation process, assembly should be carried out in accordance with the sequence and torque specified in the technical specifications. At the same time, attention should also be paid to the locking of the locking plate to prevent the flywheel from loosening during rotation.

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