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How to Reduce The Inlet Air Temperature of Perkins Diesel Generator Set?

Mar. 14, 2023

When the Perkins diesel generator set is running, the temperature of the internal coil is very high. If the air inlet temperature of the unit is too high, it will lead to poor heat dissipation, affect the operation of the unit, and even reduce the service life of the unit. Therefore, how to reduce the inlet air temperature when the unit is working is a problem worth discussing. Starlight Root will share two effective methods to reduce the inlet air temperature of the Perkins diesel generator set.

perkins diesel generator

1. Use deep well water

In areas with underground water sources, underground water can be used to flow into the air cooler to reduce the air inlet temperature. For example, an enterprise uses deep well water (16 degrees in summer and 14 degrees in winter) to reduce the inlet air temperature, so that the inlet air temperature of the diesel generator unit is generally 25 degrees (22 degrees at least), which increases the unit output by 12%.

2. Use steam injection to produce cold water

Using steam injection to produce cold water is to use the principle that the boiling point of water is different under different atmospheric pressure, pour the hot water absorbed by the heat of Perkins diesel generator into the sealed evaporation tank, and the exhaust gas specially for injection flows through the nozzle diffuser of the sealed tank to conduct high-speed injection, drainage and pressure expansion, and take away the cold steam in the tank, so as to make the filling and pumping into high vacuum. In this way, the water continuously poured into the tank will obtain vaporization boiling evaporation under isothermal conditions, Most of them are exothermic at low temperature and become frozen low-temperature water, which can be continuously produced by continuous operation.

We hope that you can use the above methods to reduce the inlet air temperature of the Perkins diesel generator set, so that the unit can reach the ideal heat dissipation state. Of course, there is another point to be noted. Due to the water quality, the deep well water in some areas is easy to scale, so we should also do a good job in the daily maintenance of scaling.

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