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How to Prevent Flying Accidents on Diesel Generator Sets?

Mar. 31, 2023

Flying car accidents are one of the more common and dangerous faults of diesel generator sets. Starlight believes that flying car accidents can be avoided as much as possible through prevention, and the focus of prevention lies in daily maintenance.

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Strengthening daily maintenance is one of the effective measures to prevent speeding accidents.

1. Keep the machine oil and water clean, appropriate, and free from deterioration. In particular, the oil level in the high-pressure fuel injection pump should be strictly controlled at the required position - the center line of the plug at the lower part of the governor housing. The liquid level is too high and the viscosity is too large - the resistance increases, limiting the speed regulating effect of the governor; Low or no liquid level - causing wear of components in the governor, reduction or loss of speed regulation function, which can lead to a runaway accident. Therefore, it is necessary to resolutely eliminate the occurrence of no or insufficient lubricating oil in the governor.

2. Carefully check the fastening of bolts at various parts of the diesel generator set to ensure that they are intact and free of looseness. In particular, it is necessary to prevent the screw plug at the lower part of the governor housing from loosening or falling off, resulting in the loss of lubricating oil in the governor, wear of components in the governor, seizure of the rack, damage to the bearings, and the loss of speed regulation effect, resulting in a runaway.

3. Increase the inspection density of the lubricating oil level in the high-pressure fuel injection pump governor and camshaft, as well as in the bottom housing, the oil pressure gauge and connecting oil pipes, the oil cooler and connecting pipelines, and the liquid level and water quality in the water tank, to ensure that the liquid level is appropriate, the oil pipes are intact, and there is no looseness, looseness, or leakage.

4. Continuously improve the safety awareness and skilled operating skills of employees on the job, understand the basic situation of the equipment used, use and operate the equipment in strict accordance with safety operating procedures, and be able to accurately judge and correctly eliminate common faults that may occur during use.

In particular, it should be pointed out here that after a speeding accident, it is absolutely not allowed to unload the load, otherwise the rotational speed will increase sharply and there will be greater danger. It is not allowed to directly use hands to plug the air inlet.

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