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How to Maintain The Diesel Tank of Generator Set

Aug. 20, 2021

The use of clean diesel in the generator set is of great significance to construction machinery powered by diesel engines. If the diesel oil in the fuel tank of the generator set is not clean, it will significantly aggravate the wear or corrosion of the precision components such as the fuel system plunger, fuel delivery valve, and fuel injector needle valve, thereby greatly reducing the reliability and durability of the machine's operation. For this reason, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the fuel tank.

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1. Diesel oil should be precipitated for more than 48 hours before being added to the fuel tank to prevent impurities in the oil from being brought into the fuel tank.

2. Construction machinery is often scattered in the field. Due to the inconvenience of driving back to the oil depot to refuel, the oil is usually delivered to the construction site in barrels. At this time, the pumping unit for refueling the machine must be clean and pollution-free, and it is also necessary to avoid pumping the oil deposited at the bottom of the barrel into the tank.

3. After finishing work every day or before stopping the operation, the fuel tank should be filled up to avoid condensation on the inner wall of the empty fuel tank at night to cause water droplets and flow into the diesel oil. In addition, before the diesel genset starting work, the drain valve of the fuel tank should be opened to drain the dirty oil or water deposited at the bottom of the tank.

4. The amount of fuel in the fuel tank should be known at all times during the operation of the machine, and should be added in time when it is short of fuel to prevent dirty oil or air at the bottom of the tank from entering the fuel system due to exhaustion of the fuel, thereby affecting the normal operation of the diesel engine Running.

5. The ventilation hole on the fuel tank cover of the generator set should be frequently dredged. If it is blocked, negative pressure will be formed in the tank, and the fuel delivery pressure and fuel supply will be reduced, so that the power of the diesel engine cannot be fully utilized.

6. When the fuel tank leaks or the switch is not tightly closed, it will pollute the environment, easily cause fires, and waste diesel fuel, which increases operating costs. At this time, the machine should be shut down for repair or replacement of the switch, and the operation must not be forced to continue, otherwise the leakage will become more and more serious under the vibration of the machine and cause greater losses.

7. Decontamination of the fuel tank. After the machine is used for a long time, a lot of dirt will be generated when the diesel oil in the fuel tank comes into contact with the air or the tank wall. At the same time, it is inevitable that dust or moisture will be brought into the fuel tank during the daily refueling process. Therefore, the fuel tank should be cleaned every 1500~2000h of the machine, otherwise it will be contaminated even if all clean diesel is added. The fuel tank of construction machinery is relatively heavy and its capacity is generally several hundred kilograms. It is laborious and time-consuming to remove and clean; the two fuel tanks of the CAT613C scraper (power 139kW) are welded into one body and cannot be disassembled at all. For this reason, we made a simple tool that used compressed air to clean the fuel tank, and achieved good results.

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