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How To Maintain Diesel Generator Set In Cold Weather

Jan. 19, 2023

How to maintain diesel generator set in cold weather. The low temperature in winter is easy to make the diesel engine over-cooled and difficult to start. Let's take a look at the winter maintenance knowledge of diesel generator set.


I. Precautions.

1. It is forbidden to start without water (start first, then add cooling water). This will cause serious damage to the machine.


2. For fuel, winter engine oil and fuel should be used, and special attention should be paid to the water content in the fuel to avoid blocking the fuel path.


3. It is recommended to add antifreeze to the cooling system, or turn on each drain switch to drain all cooling water when the water temperature drops to 10-50 ℃ after shutdown.


4. In severe cold seasons and regions, diesel engines should not be stored in the open air, or the cooling water should be heated to preheat the engine body when starting.


5. It is not recommended to stop the diesel generator set immediately after it comes down from high speed.

diesel generator set


II. Maintenance skills.

1. Before starting the diesel generator set, it is necessary to check and ensure that ① the oil level is between the lowest scale and the highest scale. ② There is no leakage of oil, fuel and coolant. ③ Coolant level and radiator fouling. ④ Fuel level. In addition, preheat before starting.


2. During the operation of diesel generator set in winter, if antifreeze is not added in winter, pay attention to the weather change. When the local temperature is lower than 4 ℃, drain all water from the diesel engine body, cooler, water tank and water pump. Because the volume of water changes greatly when the temperature is lower than 4 ℃, when the water changes from liquid to solid, the volume expansion will damage the radiator of diesel engine water tank.


3. In winter, if the working environment of diesel engine is poor, the requirements for air filter and diesel filter element are particularly high, so it is necessary to replace the air filter element frequently. If it is not replaced in time, it will increase the wear of the engine and affect the service life of the diesel engine.


4. When selecting engine oil for diesel generator set in winter, try to select engine oil with thinner viscosity.


5. When the diesel engine starts in winter, the intake air temperature in the cylinder is low, and it is difficult to reach the diesel autoignition temperature after the piston compresses the gas. Usually, thermal insulation measures should be taken for the diesel engine.


6. After the diesel engine is started, it should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes to raise the temperature of the whole diesel engine and check the working condition of lubricating oil. It can be put into normal operation only after it is normal. During the operation of the diesel engine, try to reduce the sudden speed increase or adjust the throttle to the maximum operation, otherwise the service life of the valve assembly will be affected for a long time.


7. Various instruments shall be checked frequently during the operation of diesel generator set. In case of an alarm during operation, especially a major alarm of low oil pressure and high coolant temperature, immediate measures shall be taken to deal with the fault.


In winter, the ambient temperature is cold, and the diesel generator set needs more attention to maintenance and cold protection, so that the service life of the diesel generator set will be longer.


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