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How To Install The Fan Of Volvo Diesel Generator Cooling System

Jul. 29, 2022

The fan is an important part of the cooling system. The Volvo diesel generator set is installed with a fan. When the fan rotates, the cold air passes through the radiator to enhance the heat dissipation capacity and accelerate the cooling of the coolant, thereby cooling the unit. The position of the fan should be aligned with the center of the radiator core as much as possible to improve the cooling effect. So how should the fan of the Volvo diesel generator set cooling system be installed? Jiangsu Starlight Electricity Equipments Co.,Ltd. will introduce to you.


In order to improve the cooling efficiency of Volvo diesel generator sets, an air guide hood is installed on the radiator to make the air flow through the core of the radiator more uniform. At the same time, it is concentrated through the fan to reduce the phenomenon of air backflow. Since the radiator is installed on the frame and the fan is installed on the diesel engine, the vibrations experienced by each part are different, so a gap of 15~20mm should be maintained between the fan blade end and the wind shroud. The fan volume of the fan is mainly related to the rotation speed, diameter, blade shape, number of blades and blade installation angle. The number of blades is usually 4~7 pieces, and the angle of inclination is 30°~45° with the rotation plane of the fan during installation.


diesel generator set

In order to reduce the vibration and noise when the blades are fanned, the blades are often installed at unequal angles to each other. Some Volvo diesel generator sets also install rubber damping blocks between the fan and the connecting flange to absorb the torsional vibration of the crankshaft, so as to protect the fan blades and prevent them from breaking due to the influence of torsional vibration. The fan drive belt should maintain a certain tension. If the drive belt is too loose, the drive belt and pulley will slip, which will reduce the speed of the fan and the water pump, affect the heat dissipation effect, and the drive belt will be easy to wear. If the transmission belt is too tight, the lateral force on the water pump bearing will increase, which will accelerate the wear of the water pump and the transmission belt. Volvo diesel generator sets mostly use tensioning pulleys to automatically adjust the tension of the drive belt.


The following matters should also be noted when using Volvo diesel generator fans:


1. Do not use the method of pulling or prying the fan to rotate the diesel engine, otherwise it will cause serious personal injury or damage the fan.


2. Do not try to repair broken or bent blades or blades lacking balance weight, otherwise the dynamic balance of the fan will be destroyed.


3. Do not increase the air supply capacity by bending the blades. Bending the blades can cause increased stress in the material, which can cause the fan to fail.


The fan of Volvo diesel generator set is a double-layer pallet that is punched and riveted, and the diesel engine works according to its rotation direction. According to the principle that the concave arc surface of the fan blade should be the air pressure surface, the installation direction of the fan should be judged. When installing the fan, do not install it in reverse. Otherwise, the non-compressed air surface of the fan blade will become the compressed air surface, which will affect the air volume of the fan and reduce the radiator and heat dissipation effect.


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