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How to Handle Loose Fan Belt of Cummins Diesel Generator Set?

Nov. 16, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce how to handle the loose fan belt of Cummins diesel generator sets. If you have any further information, please come to consult our Dingbo website. Next, we will introduce relevant materials to you.

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The first step is to have a detailed understanding of the root cause of the looseness of the fan belt of the Cummins diesel generator set: firstly, it may be caused by aging, secondly, it may be caused by incorrect model specifications, and finally, it is caused by the deviation of the belt pulley spacing. Aging is the most common factor among these three factors. If the fan belt of Cummins diesel generator sets becomes loose, the exhaust air volume will be greatly affected. The supply and demand balance of the heat dissipation and exhaust air volume of Cummins diesel generator sets is naturally insufficient, which will lead to an increase in the entire mechanical temperature and cause a lot of damage.

The belt will age and crack during operation for a period of time, becoming loose, and at this moment, an abnormal noise of "squeaking" will occur. Try to conduct inspections during the process of abnormal noise. If there are no cracks, just adjust the tightness. If it cracks, the belt and tension pulley must be replaced. If the belt is tightened after cracking, it will cause the belt to crack. After the belt ruptures, the diesel engine cannot run normally.

The adjustment method of the generator fan belt: Press or pull on the middle of the transmission belt with a force of 30-50 Newton, and the difference between the transmission belt and the original part is 15-20 millimeters. The tightness of the transmission belt is considered normal, otherwise it should be adjusted. The method can be divided into different structures: it is equipped with a tensioning wheel structure. Loosen the fixing nut, turn the adjusting screw, and move the tensioning wheel up and down to achieve the desired tightness; The fan and generator are driven by the same transmission belt, and the generator support frame can be moved to change its pulley position to achieve the desired tightness; The belt pulley is composed of two halves. First, loosen the fixing bolts, and then rotate the adjustable half of the belt pulley to change the width of the synthesized belt pulley, and then lift the triangular belt to achieve the desired tightness.

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