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How to Fundamentally Solve The Oil Leakage of Diesel Generator Sets

Aug. 26, 2021

Do you know how to solve the oil leakage of diesel generator set? Because more than 80% of the reasons for oil leakage are caused by the corrosion and aging of the oil seal. As the rubber seal loses its plasticizer due to long-term high temperature, high pressure and alternating cold and heat, the result is that the seal is deformed, and even severely fractures and leaks oil. Some diesel generator set manufacturers do not meet the technical level, poor maintenance and operation skills, and unprofessional assembly and disassembly of the machinery. The leakage of engine oil and diesel fuel not only increases fuel consumption, but also makes it difficult to clean the leaked oil after bonding with the smoke and dust, and the appearance of the engine is poorly clean and beautiful.

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The oil of the lubrication system leaks or flees into the combustion chamber to burn, which will reduce the oil level of the oil pan. In severe cases, it will be difficult to form a lubricating oil film due to the lack of oil at each lubrication point, resulting in the lack of lubrication of the parts, and the matching gap after dry friction Beyond the limit. The components of the fuel supply system will cause intermittent fuel supply or difficulty in fuel supply, causing the diesel generator set to "knock the cylinder", the rotating speed is unstable, the fire is not good or the fire cannot be fired and other faults. If the filter screen and the filter element are damaged, they must be replaced in time, otherwise the dirty diesel will leak into the three precision parts, and the injection into the combustion chamber will accelerate the wear of the precision parts and the in-cylinder parts.

The cause of diesel leakage in diesel generator sets is to first check whether the oil type, oil quantity, and oil quality meet the requirements. Whether the joint surface of the various parts of the diesel generator set is smooth and flat, and whether the processing size meets the requirements. Whether the lubricity of the diesel generator set is smooth and meets the requirements. For diesel generator sets without negative pressure, check whether breathing is unobstructed and meets the requirements, and whether the air in the cylinder is blown into the crankshaft, causing oil injection and leakage. The temperature of the machine should not be too high, and whether the cooling and heat dissipation performance is good. These are the serious consequences of the oil leak, so we must find out the cause of the oil leak and repair it in time.

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