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How to Extend The Service Life of Cummins Diesel Generator Set

Aug. 23, 2021

The life span of the Cummins diesel generator set depends on how to use it correctly. First of all, we have to figure out that the wearing parts of the Cummins diesel generator set include air filters, oil filters and diesel filters. These three kinds of filters, in order to extend the service life of Cummins diesel generator sets, during operation, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the three filters of air filter, oil filter and diesel filter to give full play to their role.

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When installing the air filter, do not miss, reverse or wrongly install the sealing gaskets and rubber connecting pipes, and ensure the tightness of the embeddings. The paper dust cup air filter must be cleaned every 50-100 hours of work. The surface dust can be removed with a soft brush. If the working time exceeds 500 hours or is damaged, it should be replaced in time. When using an oil-bath air filter, clean the filter element with clean diesel and replace the oil in it every 100-200 hours of work.

If the oil filter is not maintained in time when the Cummins diesel generator set is in use, the filter element will be blocked, the oil pressure will increase, the safety valve will open, and the lubricating oil will flow directly into the main oil passage, which will aggravate the wear of the lubricating surface and affect the service life of the Cummins diesel generator set. Therefore, the oil filter must be cleaned every 180-200 hours of work. If it is damaged, it should be replaced immediately to prevent impurities from entering the lubricating surface. When Cummins diesel generator sets are used in seasons, the crankcase and each lubricating surface should also be cleaned. The method is to mix engine oil, kerosene and diesel as washing oil. Washing oil can be added after the engine oil is discharged for cleaning. Then, the Cummins diesel generator sets run at low speed. -5 minutes, then drain the washing oil, add new engine oil.

Various fuel filters in the fuel supply system should be cleaned of debris once every 100-200 hours of work, and the fuel tank and various fuel pipelines should be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning the filter element and seals, you should be especially careful, and if they are damaged, they need to be replaced in time. When changing the oil during the seasonal transition, all parts of the entire fuel supply system should be cleaned. The diesel used should meet the seasonal requirements and undergo a 48-hour sedimentation purification treatment.

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