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How to Disassemble and Assemble the Cam Follower of Generator Set?

Apr. 19, 2023

The cam is the main component of the valve transmission set of the generator set, mainly controlling the process of opening and closing the valve of the generator set. The function of the valve transmission group of the generator set is to open and close the intake and exhaust valves according to the specified time (valve timing) and sequence (ignition or ignition sequence), and ensure a certain degree of opening. Today, Jiangsu Starlight Power Equipment Co., Ltd. will introduce how to disassemble and assemble the cam follower of the generator set.

diesel generator set

Cam follower disassembly

1. Measure the outer diameter of the driven shaft with a micrometer, and the outer diameter value of the driven shaft of the 6BT diesel engine should be 19.012~19.02mm. If the driven arm shaft is damaged or the outer diameter is less than 19.00mm, it should be replaced.

2. Check the trailing arm bushing for scratches, pitting, or scratches. Check the inner diameter of the bushing with an inner micrometer. The 6BT diesel engine should have a value of 19.053-19.078mm. If it is greater than 19.10mm, it should be replaced.

3. Check if the roller is damaged and rotates flexibly

4. Remove the roller pin and roller, and use magnetic testing to check if the driven arm is damaged.

5. Check the rollers. Measure the inner diameter of the roller with an inner micrometer.

6. Measure the inner diameter of the follower arm pin hole and the outer diameter of the roller pin. The inner diameter of the follower arm pin hole for KTTA diesel engines is 19.037~19.057mm. The outer diameter of the roller pin is 19.063~19.075mm. When the outer diameter of the roller pin is less than 18.999mm, it must be replaced. 15: The interference between the follower arm pin hole and the roller pin is 0.005-0.038mm on April 25, 2019.

Cam follower assembly

1. Place the locking pin 1 into the roller pin hole, aligning the marked line on the pin with the groove on the driven arm.

2. Use the largest size feeler gauge or gasket that can be inserted between the follower arm and the roller as a support, pass the roller pin through the follower arm and roller, remove the feeler gauge, and fix it with the roller pin.

3. Install the follower arm and follower arm shaft onto the follower arm cover, ensuring that the injector follower arm is located in the center of each group. It should be noted that when installing the follower arm onto the follower arm, the positioning pin holes on the push rod seat ring and cover should be facing upwards.

4. Install a temporary screw onto the shaft (the temporary screw used here is to prevent damage to the fixing screw, as the shaft and the follower arm cover are tightly fitted, and the screw may be damaged when driving into the shaft).

5. For the 6BT diesel engine, a thin layer of sealing oil should be applied to the holes at both ends of the follower arm cover before installing a sealing plug. The plug should be flush with the edge of the hole or within 0.25mm below the edge of the hole.

6. Remove the temporary mounting screws and install the locking screws into the shaft.

7. The cam follower arm has a replaceable push rod ball socket. If the ball and socket are damaged or excessively damaged, they must be replaced.

Use a new push rod to apply blue paint to the ball head for inspection, and the contact area must reach 80%. If necessary, replace the ball socket. The outer diameter of the KTTA diesel engine ball socket is 19.063-19.088mm. The inner diameter of the follower arm seat hole is 19.025~19.050mm. The inner diameter of the follower arm seat hole is 19.025~19.050mm. The interference between the follower arm and the ball socket is 0.013~0.0146mm.

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