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How to Correctly Use The Starting Battery of Perkins Diesel Generator Set?

Mar. 14, 2023

Although many users have bought a Perkins diesel generator set, they are still unfamiliar with many aspects of the knowledge of the diesel generator set, and have insufficient knowledge of some basic components. In order to deepen our understanding of the set, Starlight will give some detailed introduction on how to correctly use and maintain the starting battery on the Perkins diesel generator set today.

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For the sake of safety, you should wear an acid-proof apron and a mask or protective glasses when maintaining the battery. Once the electrolyte splashes on the skin or clothing, you should immediately wash it with a large amount of water.

The battery is dry when it is just delivered to the user (except for maintenance-free ones), so the electrolyte with the correct specific gravity (1:1.28) that has been evenly mixed should be added before use. Unscrew the top cover of the battery cell, and slowly inject the electrolyte until it is between the two scale lines on the top of the metal sheet and as close as possible to the upper scale line. Please do not use it immediately after adding it, but let the battery stand for about 15 minutes.

When charging the battery for the first time, it should be noted that the continuous charging time should not exceed 4 hours. Too long charging time will damage the service life of the battery.

When one of the following conditions occurs, the charging time can be appropriately extended: the battery storage time exceeds 3 months, the charging time can be 8 hours, the ambient temperature continues to exceed 30 ℃ (86 ° F) or the relative humidity continues to exceed 80%, the charging time is 8 hours, if the battery storage time exceeds 1 year, the charging time can be 12 hours, and at the end of the charging line, check whether the electrolyte level is sufficient, If necessary, add standard electrolyte with correct specific gravity (1:1.28).

Starlight here reminds you that when charging the Perkins genset battery, you should first open the battery filter cap or vent cover, check the electrolyte level, and adjust it with distilled water if necessary. In addition, in order to prevent the pollution gas in the battery cell from being discharged in time due to long-term closure and prevent the condensation of water droplets on the inner top wall of the cell, special vent holes should be opened to facilitate proper air circulation.

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