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How to Control The Temperature of Diesel Generator Oil?

Dec. 01, 2023

Why is the oil temperature of diesel generator set too high? The high oil temperature of diesel generators is generally caused by faults in the cooling system of the diesel generator set, unclean lubrication system leading to dirty oil, air leakage in the compression system, harsh working environment, malfunction of the oil temperature control thermostat, and use of inferior oil. Today, Dingbo Company will provide a detailed explanation for everyone.

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1. There is a malfunction in the cooling system, such as too much or too thick scale on the cylinder block and cylinder head water jacket, poor heat dissipation, and an increase in diesel engine temperature, causing an increase in oil heat load and resulting in high oil temperature. At this time, the scale should be thoroughly removed and soft water should be added for use. If the oil cooler cannot function properly, it will also cause an increase in oil temperature.

2. The lubrication system is not clean, the oil is too dirty, and there is blockage in the oil circuit. If the oil coarse filter is blocked, the resistance increases, causing some or even all of the oil to not pass through the coarse filter and cooler and directly enter the main oil passage through the safety valve, causing the oil temperature to be too high. This is generally caused by careless or untimely maintenance, or the use of substandard engine oil that does not comply with regulations, incorrect grade engine oil, or too dirty engine oil. Therefore, diesel engines are generally required to clean the oil filter every 50-60 hours of operation (if installed).

3. The compression system leaks, and high-temperature gas enters the crankcase, causing the oil temperature to rise. In this situation, a sound similar to knocking the cylinder can be clearly heard at the crankcase, and a large amount of gas is emitted. The direct cause of air leakage is that the piston ring is not tightly fitted with the cylinder wall, and at the beginning of the working stroke, some high-temperature gas enters the crankcase; Insufficient elasticity of piston rings or excessive gap between openings, or overlapping of openings during assembly, resulting in air leakage; The deterioration of the fitting relationship between the cylinder wall and the piston and piston rings due to wear can also cause unsealing and air leakage.

4. Long term overloaded operation of diesel engines, damage to the oil pump, or insufficient clearance between the main bearings and connecting rod bearings. In addition, factors such as high oil levels, blocked crankcase ventilation ports, and malfunctioning oil temperature gauges can all lead to high oil temperatures.

5. Due to the harsh working environment and high levels of wind, sand, and dust, after long-term use of diesel engines, a thick layer of oil putty will stick to the outside of the engine body and oil pan, making it difficult to dissipate heat and leading to high oil temperature. At this point, the oil putty should be thoroughly cleaned, and attention should be paid to keeping the body and oil pan clean.

6. Oil temperature control thermostat malfunction. If the oil temperature control thermostat malfunctions and cannot be fully opened, the oil will

It is in a small cycle, so the oil temperature is very high.

7. Oil quality issue. If low-quality engine oil is used in diesel engines, it can also cause the oil temperature to be too high.

The control of generator oil temperature needs to start from the above seven aspects to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system and lubrication system, as well as to ensure that the compression system does not leak air. It is also required that the operating environment of the diesel generator set is free of wind, sand, dust, etc., in order to maintain the oil temperature of the generator set at a normal temperature and ensure the normal operation of the generator set.

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