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How to Better Run-in The Carbon Brush of Volvo Generator?

May. 23, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce to you how the carbon brushes of Volvo generators can be better run-in.

There should be a certain gap between the carbon brush of Volvo generator and the brush holder. If the gap is too small, the carbon brush may become stuck in the brush holder due to thermal expansion. If the carbon brush is stuck in the brush holder or floats inflexibly up and down, it will affect the contact between the carbon brush and the slip ring. But the gap should not be too large, otherwise the carbon brush will easily jump in the brush holder. In addition, the fixation of the brushes is usually done by filling method, riveting method or molding method. Therefore, if the carbon brushes are too stuck in the brush holder, if the operator uses improper force, the brushes are likely to be taken out, and the carbon brushes are stagnant. in the brush grip. Therefore, when choosing the carbon brush of type 1, it is necessary to grind the size of the carbon brush, so that the carbon brush can be freely pulled out of the brush holder.

Volvo diesel generator

Grinding of cambered carbon brushes. The carbon brush wear reaches a certain level and should be replaced in time. The regulations stipulate the replacement of carbon brushes whose effective length is less than 1/3 or damaged. Otherwise, the brush may touch the slip ring and cause an accident. During normal maintenance, new carbon brushes of the same manufacturer and model can be compared. Grind the removed carbon brushes to be replaced. The end of the carbon brush has a certain radian after being worn, and the camber can be compared on the new carbon brush, and sandpaper is used to polish along the camber. Put the polished carbon brush into the brush holder, let it slide and polish the surface of the slip ring for a while, then take it out and sand it with sandpaper until the contact surface between the arc surface of the carbon brush and the slip ring reaches about 75%.

Pressure adjustment of the carbon brush compression spring. Practice has shown that the size of the spring pressure of the carbon brush is very important for maintaining the normal operation of the Volvo generator. When the pressure applied to the carbon brushes is too low, the force cannot guarantee good contact between the carbon brushes and the slip ring at all times. At this time, due to the increase in electrical loss, the carbon brush will be overheated and the spark will increase, which will cause burns, thereby increasing the wear. If the pressure applied to the carbon brush is too high, the heat generated by mechanical wear will increase, which will increase the temperature of the carbon brush and cause rapid wear of the carbon brush. The pressure applied to the carbon brush should be uniform, otherwise it will lead to uneven distribution of current. When the pressure of the compression spring is large, the contact resistance is small, so more current flows. On the contrary, when the pressure of the compression spring is small, the contact resistance is large, and the current passing through is less. This will cause some of the carbon brushes to overheat or spark, which will adversely affect them.

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