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How to Adjust The Gas Distribution Phase of Diesel Generator Set?

Sep. 18, 2023

How to adjust the gas distribution phase of a diesel generator set? Incorrect gas distribution phase of diesel generator sets can lead to insufficient intake and unsmooth exhaust, resulting in incomplete combustion and affecting the power, economy, and environmental protection of diesel generator sets. Corresponding adjustment measures should be taken at this time. When adjusting, it is necessary to first determine whether the installation position of the timing gear is correct, and then check whether the meshing clearance of the tooth surface meets the regulations. If individual valves open or close too early or too late, and the error value is not large, the method of adjusting valve clearance can be used to solve the problem.

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Adjusting the valve clearance appropriately can correct the delay, while adjusting the valve clearance appropriately can correct the delay. The commonly used adjustment method is the offset camshaft key method. If most of the intake and exhaust valve valve timing phases are offset to one side and the difference values are close to the same, the offset key method can generally be used for adjustment. The offset camshaft key method adjusts the valve timing phase by changing the cross-sectional shape of the connecting key between the timing gear and camshaft. The change in key shape causes the fitting position of the timing gear and camshaft to change by an angle corresponding to the offset of the key, thereby causing a change in the valve timing phase.

Among them, the camshaft timing gear axial movement method, due to the fact that the timing gears of the lower camshaft are mostly helical teeth, if the camshaft timing gear is axially displaced, the meshing position with the crankshaft timing gear can be changed, causing the camshaft to deflect by a certain angle, thereby changing the gas distribution phase. In actual repairs, it is generally adjusted by changing the thickness of the thrust flange or the thickness of the timing gear hub to obtain axial displacement of the timing gear. The accuracy and reliability of the valve timing have a significant impact on the lifespan, economic efficiency, and power performance of diesel engines. Therefore, during the repair process of diesel generator sets, it is necessary to test, inspect, and adjust the valve timing according to the performance requirements and operating conditions of the diesel engine to obtain a correct or nearly reasonable state.

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