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How to Add Diesel to Volvo Generator Set?

Jan. 16, 2023

Today, we will briefly introduce how to fill diesel fuel for Volvo generator sets.

The diesel engine is the core component of Volvo generator set and the heart of the whole operation. If there is no oil, it should be refueled in time. But do you know the correct refuelling method? Is it true that diesel fuel will lead to fuel tank? Often these familiar details are the factors that lead to component damage, and even directly affect the service life of Volvo generator unit components and even the entire unit.

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Volvo generator sets feel that the fuel supply advance angle should be earlier: some mobile power station operators often prefer to move forward when adjusting the fuel supply advance angle of diesel engines, and some even exceed the specified value by 2-3 degrees. They feel that if the fuel supply advance angle is adjusted forward, the engine will work vigorously. However, they do not know that the premature fuel supply advance angle is equally harmful to the work of the diesel engine as well as the lag. The reason is very simple.

The high burst pressure makes the high temperature gas easy to escape into the lower crankcase, causing the high temperature fission of the engine oil, and the engine oil is also easy to evaporate into oil vapor, forming the crankcase combustion. The rapid combustion of excessive fuel in the cylinder will increase the thermal load on the piston crown and cause overheating damage to the piston. The intensification of cylinder liner vibration will accelerate the corrosion of cylinder liner and body, resulting in damage to Volvo generator set. It will cause cylinder knocking, increase the impact of the piston on the cylinder liner, intensify the vibration of the cylinder liner, and cause fatigue damage of the cylinder liner.

The premature fuel supply advance angle causes too much fuel to accumulate in the cylinder before the top dead center, and the burst pressure after combustion increases a lot, which will increase the mechanical load of the piston connecting rod and cause damage to these parts. Excessive heat load will cause cracks in the cylinder head and deformation and falling off of the valve seat sealing ring. The results of these failures will cause damage to Volvo generator sets and shorten the service life of Volvo generator sets.

Volvo generator sets think that more oil should be added: less oil in the diesel case will be sucked out, and the oil pressure will drop. The direct consequence is that the oil can not reach the lubricating surface of all parts, which will accelerate the wear of parts and lead to accidents in Volvo generator sets. Therefore, some users like to add more oil at one time, which will greatly exceed the specified scale, so that it can be used once and for all. The idea is good, but the actual situation is just taken for granted. You should know that too much oil will also lead to many bad results. First, too much oil will easily leak out in the front and back of the crankshaft, increasing the oil consumption, polluting the environment and increasing the difficulty of maintenance. Second, the high oil level will hinder the movement of the connecting rod, increase the movement resistance of the parts and reduce the mechanical efficiency; Third, too much oil is easy to make the oil spill into the combustion chamber, increasing the loss of oil, and after the oil is extinguished, it is easy to form carbon deposits at the piston ring, the valve seat on the top of the piston, and the fuel injection nozzle, causing the piston ring to bite, the fuel injection nozzle wall plug and other problems; Fourth, the high oil level is easy to produce oil vapor when the connecting rod big end is agitated, and it will ignite and burn in case of high temperature, causing crankcase explosion accident.

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