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How to Add and Replace The Generator Coolant Correctly?

Feb. 10, 2023

Today we will briefly introduce how to add and replace the coolant of the generator correctly.

Coolant addition: the coolant can be added only after the generator is shut down and completely cooled. The generator cannot be started until the system is ventilated and the coolant is filled up. When injecting coolant, the liquid level should reach 5 cm below the welding surface of the water injection port (or the scale line of the coolant level indicator). After the coolant is filled up, start and preheat the generator, check the coolant level at the same time, and decide whether to supplement the coolant.

diesel generator maintenance

The water tank shall be filled with coolant of the same specification as the original cooling system. Before the cooling system is filled with coolant, ensure that its drain cap is tight and the drain plug is in the correct position. Add coolant slowly and uniformly to avoid bubble fault in the system. The air in the cooling system must be discharged through the filler or vent valve. If the cooling system is connected with a heater, the control valve of the heater must be opened during injection to maintain ventilation in the unit. For some generators equipped with coolant filter, open the filter valve before putting into use.

Coolant replacement: The coolant should be replaced every two years or 4500 hours. There are two reasons for this: first, avoid reducing cooling performance due to precipitation in the cooling system; Second, when the coolant is not replaced for a long time, the rust will reduce the effective performance of the coolant and make the water temperature sensor invalid. When replacing the coolant, the system should be washed with clean water first. When cleaning, it must wait until the washed water is very clean.

Finally, when discharging the coolant, it is necessary to ensure that the generator is closed and the engine body is completely cooled before opening the water filling cap of the water tank, and then open the drain plug or tap on the cylinder body and under the radiator. If the generator is equipped with a coolant filter (some models), remove the filter and replace it.

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