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How Did Diesel Generator Set Generate Electricity?

Jan. 10, 2023

Do you know how the diesel generator set generates electricity? When we turn on the ignition switch, the battery supplies power to all electrical equipment of the car, and the electronic control system performs self inspection, preparing for the start of the diesel generator set; At the same time, the battery will also provide excitation current to the rotor of the diesel generator set to prepare for the generation of the diesel generator set; When we turn the ignition switch to the start gear, the starter is turned on, and the battery provides starting current for the starter, which drives the engine to rotate and ignites the engine. When the engine works normally, the diesel generator set also runs at a high speed with the engine. The stator winding cuts the magnetic line of the rotor winding, generating three-phase AC current, which is converted into DC after silicon rectification and output to the outside world for use by the electrical equipment of the vehicle. The excess electric energy is used to charge the battery.

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When the storage battery is fully charged, the voltage regulator will disconnect the excitation current of the rotor, and the diesel generator set will stop generating electricity; When the battery voltage decreases to a certain value, the voltage regulator will switch on the excitation current again, and the diesel generator set will resume power generation. This process is repeated repeatedly, which can not only ensure the normal operation of automotive electrical equipment, but also keep the battery fully charged. In order to ensure that the car can generate electricity at low speed, the speed of the diesel generator set is generally 2.5~3 times of the engine speed, so the diesel generator set can generate electricity normally even when the diesel generator set is at idle speed.

During the use and maintenance of the vehicle charging system, it should be noted that the method of instantaneous grounding (grounding) at the output end of the diesel generator set (fire test method) should not be used to judge whether the diesel generator set is generating electricity, and the main electrical equipment such as the battery should not be removed when the diesel generator set is running at a high speed. The connection between the diesel generator set and the battery should be checked frequently to ensure that the connection is firm and reliable, Regularly check the tension of the belt of the diesel generator set. If the belt is too loose, the battery will be under charged; The belt is too tight, which is easy to damage the belt and the bearing of the diesel generator set.

The common faults of the charging system include non charging, overcharging and insufficient charging. Besides the factors of poor line contact, they are generally the faults of the diesel generator set itself. Nowadays, all dining oil generator sets are integrated, which cannot be disassembled for maintenance under normal circumstances, and can only be replaced as a whole. There are also some professional maintenance diesel generator sets, and even the electronic components inside the voltage regulator can be replaced. This is an abnormal maintenance method, not a last resort, and it is not recommended.

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