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Heat Treatment Mode of Volvo Diesel Generator

Jan. 10, 2023

Less than 40% of the chemical energy of diesel oil in Volvo diesel generator is converted into electrical energy. More than 30% of the energy is distributed into the air by the cooling water in the cylinder block through the cooling fan, and about 30% of the energy is discharged into the air with the exhaust gas. The above two parts of waste heat can be utilized to improve energy utilization, achieve energy conservation and emission reduction, and meet the special needs of different users.

volvo diesel generator

1. Cylinder liner waste heat utilization unit

The cylinder liner waste heat utilization unit can theoretically increase the fuel utilization rate to about 70%. The cylinder liner waste heat utilization unit adopts two sets of cooling systems (also called double circulation unit), one is the original cooling water tank, the other is the modified heat exchanger, and the two sets of cooling systems are switched by the control system according to the unit operation. When heating or hot water supply is required, the heat of the water in the cylinder liner is transferred to the external circulating water through the heat exchanger for use. The control system is independently developed by the company to realize the automatic switching of the two cooling modes, which can alarm and protect the unit.

2. Tail gas waste heat utilization unit

Exhaust heat utilization Volvo diesel generator theoretically increases the fuel utilization rate of energy generating units to about 90%. The tail gas waste heat utilization unit is to add a heat exchanger on the basis of the double cycle unit. The function of this heat exchanger is to transfer the heat in the tail gas to the external circulating water. In the heat exchanger circulating system, the heat of the cooling water in the cylinder liner and the heat of the exhaust gas are transferred to the external circulating water through two different heat exchangers. The basic principle of the control system is the same as that of the double cycle unit, and it also has a reliable protection function for the diesel engine. With the increasing scarcity of diesel resources and higher prices, it has become a trend for other energy sources to replace diesel.

During the operation of Volvo diesel generator, if dust, water stains and other sundries enter its interior, a short circuit medium will be formed, which can damage the conductor insulation layer, causing inter turn short circuit, increasing current and temperature, and burning the unit. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent dust and other sundries from entering the interior of Volvo diesel generator. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly clean the exterior of Volvo diesel generator. Do not allow dust and other sundries in the radiator of Volvo diesel generator to ensure good heat dissipation of the unit.

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