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Hazards of Oil Dumping in Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 23, 2023

Oil spill is a common fault in Perkins diesel generator sets, which is mostly caused by customers not adding lubricating oil correctly. The most obvious reason for oil spillage in a unit is that the lubrication effect between internal mechanical structures will be reduced. In addition, are there any other hazards of oil spillage? Today, Starlight will answer this question for you.

perkins standby genset

When a Perkins generator set is operating under oil rejection conditions, such as sudden impacts such as abnormal loads, a large impact electromagnetic torque will be generated at the stator coil of the generator. Under the combined action of severe thermal and dynamic effects, the stator coil of the Perkins generator may be damaged, leading to single-phase ground fault; In severe cases, it can also cause insulation damage to the generator stator winding and lead to stator coil interphase short circuit faults, which can cause significant damage to the generator and increase the risk of generator bearing bush burning accidents.

When oil spill occurs, an oil leakage surface will form on the outer layer of the stator coil of the Perkins generator. In addition, the unit lubricating oil itself has a strong viscosity. At this time, the dust around the stator coil will continuously adhere to the stator coil ventilation hole. As the operation time increases, the dust radius gradually increases, forming corresponding impurities and blocking the generator stator coil ventilation hole, As a result, the internal stator coil heat of the Perkins diesel engine cannot be effectively discharged, resulting in a continuous accumulation of heat and temperature rise phenomena, which can seriously affect the efficient and stable operation of the generator. At the same time, it can also damage the insulation level of the generator stator coil, shorten the comprehensive service life of the stator coil, increase the difficulty of maintenance and repair of the generator stator coil, and cause a decrease in the insulation level of the generator stator Causes accidents such as single-phase grounding or interphase short circuit in the generator stator coil

It can be seen that the hazards of oil spillage in Perkins diesel generating set are very significant. To avoid oil spillage failures as much as possible, in addition to paying attention to the correct method of adding lubricating oil, Starlight also reminds everyone to pay attention to the vibration magnitude during the operation of the unit. If the vibration is too large, it is necessary to promptly identify the cause of the vibration and avoid oil spillage due to vibration.

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