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Hazards of Generator Single-phase Grounding Capacitor Current

Aug. 02, 2022

Today, we will briefly introduce the hazards of single-phase grounding capacitive current of generators to you.

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Generator arc grounding overvoltage hazards: When the capacitor current is too large, the grounding point arc cannot be extinguished by itself, and when intermittent arc grounding occurs, arc grounding overvoltage occurs, which can reach 3-5 times or higher than the phase voltage. , it spreads throughout the entire power grid and lasts for a long time, up to several hours. It not only breaks down the weak links in the power grid, but also does great harm to the power grid insulation of the entire generator set.

Cause thermal damage to the grounding point and increase the voltage of the grounding grid: The single-phase grounding capacitor current is too large, which increases the thermal effect of the grounding point and causes thermal damage to cables and other equipment. After the current flows into the grounding grid, due to the grounding resistance, the entire grounding The power grid voltage rises, endangering personal safety.

Hazard of AC stray current: After the capacitor current flows into the ground, a stray current will be formed in the ground. This current may generate sparks, ignite combustible gas, coal dust explosion, etc., which may cause the detonator to fire in advance and corrode metal facilities such as water pipes and gas pipes. .

The grounding arc can also directly cause fire, and even directly cause the explosion of combustible gas and coal dust: after the arc suppression coil is installed in the power grid, the arc suppression coil generates an inductive current when a single-phase grounding occurs, and the inductive current compensates the grounding capacitance current, reducing the grounding current; At the same time, the recovery voltage speed of the faulty phase is reduced, and the damage caused by the excessive current of the capacitor is controlled. At the same time, due to the clamping effect of the arc suppression coil, it can effectively prevent the generation of ferromagnetic resonance overvoltage. The better the compensation effect of the arc suppression coil, the greater the safety protection effect on the power grid. Therefore, an arc suppression coil that automatically tunes to track the change of the capacitor current is required.

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