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Harm of Inferior Cleaner to Perkins Diesel Generator Set

Mar. 16, 2023

In the daily maintenance of Perkins diesel generator sets, cleaning accounts for a large proportion. Many users are familiar with this point, but there are problems in the selection of cleaners. The inferior cleaner will not only fail to achieve good cleaning effect, but also damage the diesel generator set in serious cases. Today Starlight will introduce the harm of using inferior cleaner to the Perkins diesel genset.

perkins generators

1. The filter element made of inferior filter paper can not effectively remove the harmful impurities of the unit due to its large pore size, poor uniformity and low filtration efficiency, which is easy to cause early wear of the perkins generating set.

2. The use of inferior adhesive can neither resist oil nor firmly bond, resulting in short circuit at the bonding point of the filter element; Or the seams of the filter element are connected with staples, which cannot be sealed and short circuited, so that a large number of harmful impurities enter the unit and shorten the service life of the unit.

3. Replace the oil-resistant rubber parts with ordinary rubber parts. During the use process or due to the failure of the internal sealing parts, the internal short circuit of the filter causes the early wear of the perkins genset, the reduction of the service life, or the expansion and deformation of the external sealing parts, resulting in the extrusion of the outer sealing ring of the oil filter, and a large amount of oil leakage in a short time, causing the unit to burn the tile, hold the shaft, and suffer serious damage.

4. Spot welding instead of seam welding is used for the welding of air filter shell components, which can not guarantee the tightness and form a short circuit.

5. The material of the central tube of the oil filter is thin instead of thick, and the strength is not enough. During the use, the central tube is shrunk, and the filter element is damaged and the oil path is blocked, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the unit; Or the reliability of the undercut is poor, and the undercut is pulled open during use, resulting in a large amount of oil leakage in a short time, resulting in the burning of the tile and the holding of the shaft.

6. The metal parts such as the filter element end cover, center pipe and shell are not subject to anti-rust treatment, which causes metal rust and impurities, and makes the filter become a pollution source. What's more, replacing adhesive with cement is more harmful.

Through understanding the hazards caused by the use of inferior cleaners above, Starlight believes that the majority of users will pay special attention to the selection and purchase of cleaners. Starlight reminds you that it is best to choose the products produced by regular manufacturers when purchasing. In addition, you can buy several more pieces at one time in case of emergency.

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