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Hand Pliers for Generator Set Maintenance Tools

Apr. 14, 2023

During the use of the generator set, it is inevitable to encounter situations where maintenance is needed, and professional maintenance tools are needed, and pliers are one of the maintenance tools for the generator set. The commonly used maintenance tools for generator sets include carp pliers, wire pliers (also known as wire pliers and vice), pointed nose pliers, and pipe pliers (also known as pipe pliers).

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Carp pliers are suitable for general clamping work, and their opening can be adjusted appropriately. The wire clamp can not only perform general clamping work, but also cut metal wires with smaller diameters. Pointed nose pliers are suitable for gripping small parts, twisting metal wires, and using in narrow areas. The tube is mistakenly used to rotate circular workpieces that cannot be grasped by other wrenches and pliers. This wrench has teeth on both sides of the plate mouth, which can grip the workpiece and prevent it from slipping during rotation, but it can roughen the surface of the workpiece. When using, the direction of pulling the pipe should be consistent with the direction of the wrench opening. This can make the wrench bite the pipe tighter, and at this point, the movable part of the wrench bears the tension, so the pipe wrench is not easily damaged.

The use of generator set maintenance tool pliers must be selected according to the different nature of the work, so that the characteristics of the pliers meet the working conditions. This not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures safety. Never use carp pliers to turn the nut, as doing so can easily wear the teeth of the nut or carp pliers.

When cutting metal wire with a wire pliers, the grip strength of the hand should be slow and fast, light and heavy, in order to maintain the edge of the pliers from being damaged, and attention should be paid to the diameter of the metal wire. If the diameter is large, it can be cut point by point, and then broken by hand. Do not use strong force to cut at one point. Steel wire or alloy wire with higher hardness should not be cut with pliers. When using pliers, pay attention to the correct grip posture, do not crush the palm or break the fingers, and avoid using the pliers handle to pry the workpiece.

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