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Good Method to Deal with Oil Leakage in Diesel Generators

Aug. 15, 2023

The fuel injectors, fuel pipes, valve covers, and other parts of diesel generators may experience oil leakage. Oil leakage not only increases operating costs but also reduces power generation efficiency. Therefore, let's take a look at how to quickly deal with oil leakage issues in power generation equipment such as diesel generators. Dingbo Power Generation Equipment has compiled some good methods to share with everyone.

diesel generator container

Fuel injector return: The fuel injector is a precision component. If unclean diesel fuel is used or if the equipment is used for a long time, the fuel will return due to worn fuel injectors. However, the cost of replacing the fuel injector is high. To avoid leakage of the return oil, the oil can be directed back to the fuel tank through the return pipe or introduced into a diesel filter. If the oil return pipe is damaged, a piece of plastic pipe can be used to guide the oil into its own container, filter it, and then pour it back into the oil tank.

Oil leakage in the oil pipeline: Appropriate measures can be taken according to the situation: if the gasket of the hollow screw in the oil pipeline is uneven, the gasket can be removed, ground flat, and then padded. If the problem cannot be solved, a new gasket can be replaced, or a thicker soft plastic material can be cut into a gasket and replaced; The oil leakage at the joint between the plastic oil pipeline and the metal is mostly caused by the hardening or rupture of the plastic oil pipeline. The hardened or ruptured parts can be cut off, and then softened with hot water. It is then installed on the metal joint while it is hot, and then tied tightly with metal wire; If a metal oil pipeline ruptures and leaks oil, the ruptured area can be soldered with copper. In addition, to prevent the oil pipeline from cracking, when installing the oil pipeline, the curvature should be appropriate, do not forcefully pull the installation, and the pipe body should not come into contact with the body to avoid wear and tear.

Valve cover oil leakage: When installing the valve cover, excessive tightening force can easily cause it to deform and leak oil. At this point, the leaking valve cover can be removed and carefully shaped with a wooden rod to restore a smooth contact surface. Then, a gasket can be placed and installed.

The methods introduced above can help you easily deal with the oil leakage problem of diesel generators. For parts that are prone to oil leakage, you need to pay special attention in daily maintenance, pay attention to the impact of wear on accessories and the failure of some rubber parts.

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