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Generation Principle of Silent Diesel Generator Set

Nov. 17, 2022

The silent diesel generator set is waterproof rotating, and the harmonic self-excited system is used to hide in operation and maintenance; The mute diesel generator set is a three-phase four wire system, which is suitable for star connection of the neutral point. The rated line voltage is 400V, the phase voltage is 230V, the frequency is 50Hz, and the power flash number is 0.8 (lagging). The silent diesel generator set with 60Hz and other voltage values can be provided according to the customer's needs.

generator silent type

The quiet diesel generator set can be directly coupled with the original engine or connected through V-belt. It operates continuously in positive and negative directions. When the load change of the original engine speed is within 3%, the load will change from 0&# 12316; 100%, cos=0. 8~1.0 will keep its constant pressure.

During loading, when the voltage changes suddenly (increases or decreases), the low noise diesel generator set will provide constant voltage to make it work under normal conditions; At the same time, the mute diesel generator set can directly start the squirrel cage motor without any starting device. An electric motor is a machine that converts mechanical energy into direct current energy.

It is mainly used as DC power supply for motor, electrolysis, electroplating, electric smelting, charging and excitation of AC silent diesel generator set. Although in places where DC power is needed, power rectification elements are also used to convert AC power into current power, but from the aspects of ease of use, operation reliability and some working performance, AC rectification is not as good as DC silent diesel generator sets.

Power generation modes include thermal power generation, hydropower generation, wind power generation, nuclear power generation, solar power generation, geothermal power generation, tidal power generation, biogas power generation, etc. They use different energy sources to make silent diesel generator set generate electricity.

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